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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Yells at his Wife Hailey in Public

Gettyimages | LISA O'CONNOR
By Alan Blake

Soon after hitting the headlines for all the romantic reasons, Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin are at it again but this time for Bieber’s weird reaction.

According to a video Hailey posted to her Instagram story, the couple was competing in an arcade game, where Baldwin managed to beat her husband. In disbelief, Justin Bieber is heard yelling at his wife, claiming he was not trying in the game, perhaps to mean it was the reason she beat him.

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Fans Angry with Bieber’s Reaction

Giphy | Saturday Night Live

Hailey Baldwin doesn’t seem bothered about her husband’s reaction, even recording him and posting the same to Instagram. However, fans are in disagreement and term Justin’s character as dangerous. According to the Twitter family, Baldwin has something to worry about as such behavior and above all in public raises questions on what happens in their private life.

A Twitter user decided to let the world see the negative side of the Sorry hitmaker by reposting the video, and captioning that Bieber still slams car doors at his wife.

Justin and Hailey had the Best Valentine

Justin Bieber
Gettyimages | Gotham

Although the majority of fans have expressed concern over his character, it is probably not yet time to forget about how the couple spent their valentine. February 14 was not an ordinary day for the couple. The singer played his gentleman part and took the love of his life out and gifted her a bouquet.

He still released his newest album Changes which is all in praise of his wife. Fellow stars in the music industry have since come out to congratulate the 25-year-old, with Chris Brown expressing his respect for the excellent work.

Fans Believe Bieber was Serious Yelling at Hailey

Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin
Gettyimages | Say Cheese!

Going by the couple’s recent mood and the revelation Justin made on how the two spend time together, everything may be as cool between them. Baldwin did not seem bothered, and it is possible fans are getting everything wrong.

One of them went ahead to note how the singer’s facial expressions and tone just revealed it all that he was seriously yelling. His behavior described by one fan as that of a raging lunatic left a number of people alarmed about Hailey’s safety.

Justin Bieber is an Abusive Man

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber
Gettyimages | Omar Rawlings

According to what Selena Gomez, his ex-girlfriend revealed, Justin is not the romantic man his music and Valentine treats demonstrated. She claimed that he was an emotionally abusive lover, and her revelation had critics who are now sure if his character remains that way.

Meanwhile, as the video that has attracted mixed reactions continues to make rounds labelling Justin a dangerous husband, Hailey is the newest arcade game guru. She allegedly scored 2,500, while her husband terribly lost to her with 500.

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