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Robert Downey Jr is Looking To Bounce Back From 'Dolittle' Flop

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By Mario Perez

Robert Downey Jr. is arguably one of the most influential actors of the last 20 or 30 years. His life and his career though have always been similarly filled with ups and downs. To be fair though, a lot of the younger generations that remember Downey from Ironman onward and don't really know his past may be freaking out about Dolittle.

Which, arguably is his biggest misstep since, well those drug and jail filled years, to put it mildly. Is there a way though that RDJ could bounce back?

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Reprising an Old Role?

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One of the best ways for Downey to be able to get his mojo back could be to head to familiar territory. Put some old shoes back on and get right back to making millions at the box office. For those of you that are thinking this means we are getting him back as an Ironman, sorry that is less likely.

Where we could see Downey again is dawning the cap and pipe of legendary detective Sherlock Holmes. For years he and Jude Law were rumored to reprise their roles in another installment of the franchise. It could be coming soon!

We Have A Tentative Release Date

Wikimedia |,_London_-_Sherlock_Holmes_Museum.jpg

As was mentioned before, it has been years of on-going rumors over whether or not the franchise was ever going to return. According to multiple reports including IMDb. Downey and Law are set to reprise their roles in a third installment of the franchise that has a tentative release date of December 22, 2021.

If you know a little something about how the movie business works you know that these release dates that are so far away, tend to change quite a bit. There is also a possibility that the project may be shelved. Many fans of the franchise though hope this won't happen.

Is Ironman Coming Back?

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This is something that has been written about quite a bit in the last few months. For those of you that are still waiting to hear good news, we are sorry to disappoint. There is no indication that RDJ is going to be coming back to a Marvel movie any time soon.

Then again, comic books are always known for messing with the timeline. So, you can never take a comic book death as something that is permanent in any way.

A New Oscar Nod?

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When you are the main part of a successful comic book movie franchise you can count on a couple of things. Getting a lot of money for it, but no real critical acclaim. One thing that Downey could be interested in is looking to actually snatch an Oscar. That could come in the form of a Doctor John Brinkley bio-pic movie.

Doctor John Brinkley was a fraud doctor that convinced people that with the help of goat testicles you could cure many diseases. Include male impotence. This movie is to be in production and will star Downey Jr, as the famed doctor.

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