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Is Kylie Jenner’s 'Plastic' Attitude Rubbing Off On Bestie Rosalia

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By kenadijiba

Many women on Instagram love to post the obligatory “thirst trap” photo when trying to woe potential suitors. When your someone in the public eye it must be an even riskier endeavor because of the fact that maybe the goal is to make another well-known person notice you, and then everyone else ends up in your business. But, that is not what is up for discussion. Rosalia, Spain’s alternative princess is now reaching greater heights every day. With her album “Mal Querer” traveling across the pond, she’s made a deeper splash in Hollywood as well.

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Kylie Was A Big Fan

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A big fan of hers was Instagrams fav. Kylie Jenner. Through crafty ways Kylie ended up having lunch with the oh so sweet Rosalia, and now after multiple posts together and Rosalia attending Stormi’s birthday bash, they have been officially marked as besties. A lot of Rosalia’s die-hard fans don't see this as a good look for the star. Her wholesome and artistic image could potentially be “tainted” by the controversial aura that surrounds the Kardashian clan. Is this a bad decision on Rosalia's part?

Instagram Is Not Reality


As many know on Instagram a majority of what you see is not reality. Most women who appear to be “perfect” looking have prior to taking that effortlessly staged photo, got their makeup professionally done and then paid for the image to be photoshopped to death. Actress, Jameela Jamil has called out the Kardashians on multiple occasions for posting images that are hyper-edited because of their negative effects on growing girls. One photo posted today that brought upon the connection between Rosalia and possible negative influence by Kylie Jenner, is an obvious use of photoshop concerning Rosalia's body.

Did Rosalia Get Some Work Done?

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In the said picture a central part of Rosalia's body appears a lot larger than it usually is. On her Insta Story she explained that it is all about angles, but her fans are no fools. Common sense tells you that if something traditionally online doesn't seem at least a fraction similar to how it presents in real life, then it has probably been altered in some way shape or fashion. With Rosalia's original look resurfacing in older videos people have spotted some obvious alterations. Has Kylie finally rubbed off on Rosalia?

The Kardashian's Privacy Pact

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It is true that there is always some type of backlash faced by anyone who enters the Kardashians circle. The profound privacy that is demanded by any possible new friends of the Kardashians has to be a tad stressful. Plus, the playing second fiddle to what they desire to do whether that be something minuscule or something grand. With Jordan Woods emerging from the Khloe Drama a more confident woman it is a wonder as to why Rosalia would even want to get involved in another planned trainwreck.

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