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Is Chaka Khan's 'Extra' Rendition of National Anthem Just Fergie Part 2?

Gettyimages | Erika Goldring
By kenadijiba

Fergie step aside, the Queen of Funk might have you beat for her off the wall rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner”. Coming off the success of the Super Bowl performances it is a wonder why people think it is a smart idea to “interpret” such a set in stone song. Some things should just remain simple and with iconic performances like Whitney Houston’s unbeatable moment with this American anthem, why do famous singers believe they can remix it? Sorry, but nobody has agreed that we as a country need a jazzy spin off of “The Star Spangled Banner”.

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The 'Shade' On Social Media

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The social media “shade” that spawned from Fergie making her diar mistake of trying to refresh this American anthem basically took over for a good week. Especially the parts of the video when the “shady” camera man swerved across the faces of countless celebrities laughing, looking confused, and trying to maintain composure. Well, it can't be said that Chaka Khan achieved that same notoriety in terms of “meme” related success but there were still wild “Twitter” posts that came for the legend.

Disloyal To Criticize Legends

Gettyimages | Scott Gries

Is it somehow disloyal to poke fun at icons when they do comical things. Some people did feel bad for attempting to “roast” such a prolific music figure, but all in all the video was a bit startling. Her random tone changes and strong force of a voice had people convinced that whoever hired her for the job had to be regretting it in those very moments. With a zoom over of Lebron James he looked very awkward trying to make sense of what Chaka Khan was spouting.

A Badge Of Honor?

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In this era isnt celebrity honor to become a part of a not so serious hilarity filled moment. Anyways with many “news” stories like this they fade after two to three days. When it is all laid on the table no one can deny the powerful career Chaka Khan has had, and nobody is going to stop listening to her music solely because she decided to subject our ears to some not so smooth vocal gymnastics. Hopefully Chaka does not take all this criticism to heart.

Fergie's Reaction

Gettyimages | Alberto E. Rodriguez

It is under suspicion if Fergie is somewhere at home with a nice glass of wine in her hand thanking the lucky stars that finally someone else can carry the crown for a failed attempt at incorporating personal musical style with the national anthem. Someone who did get good commentary back on their performance recently of the song is Demi Lovato. Using her musical talent in the right ways is what complemented the song the best. Now that this has all gone down people are curious who will be next to put their spin on this classic American hymn.

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