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Duane 'Dog' The Bounty Hunter Speaks About 'Proposal' To Family Friend

Gettyimages | Bennett Raglin
By kenadijiba

It is difficult to comprehend that it's coming closer to a year that Beth Chapman, Dog The Bounty Hunter’s beloved not to mention feisty wife has been gone. Her bold personality and hyper-feminine clothes were just a few of the things that made her stand out from the rest. The dynamic duo that was Dog and Beth ended up being the glue that kept their hit television show running for so long. Even after scandals and disagreements, it looked as if this family unit could never break.

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Understanding Life Without Beth

Gettyimages | Christopher Polk

When Beth Chapman did end up passing away from complications in relation to cancer at the age of 51, the world felt the pain of her loss. Her funeral processions displayed so uniquely the support people sent the family's way, specifically when it came to Dog. After losing quintessentially not only the love of your life but your best friend, where do you go from there? The mourning process seems like it would be never ending with everything reminding you of them.

Promoting The New Season

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Dog just yesterday for the promotion of the new season of the bounty hunter decided to sit down with “Entertainment Tonight” and get frank about what he is going through. During the interview he visually becomes emotional at the sheer mentioning of Beth which is understandable, but he also lights up at the humorous aspects of her one of a kind personality. When the topic of his interesting impromptu proposal on “Doctor Oz '' came up, Dog let the beans spill. He made it clearly known that there will never be another “Mrs. Dog”.

Family Friend Proposal

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A synopsis of what went down on “Doctor Oz” is Dog was asked with family friend Moon at his side if he would ever propose to her. Then, on national television, he said yes he would. She awkwardly said that she did not and could not ever look at him like that. With them building such a strong core of friendship it just did not seem right. When he went into detail about that moment, Dog said he did that as a ploy to stop the media from harassing Moon.

Blocking Future Rumors

Unsplash | Ben White

He described that he knew if he said that he wanted to propose to her on national television then that would give her the opportunity to confront the rumors, and fiercely shut them down. When asked if he would jump back into the dating game he explained how his kids had responded to the idea of it. He said that the girls weren't too keen about it, and the boys were more sympathetic. After Beth’s passing Dog also said he now has written out a plan of how he’d like his funeral and shared that with his children. Then, the discussion went onto what is next for Dog. Will he write a book, or change shifts in professions. Dogsimply said that he’s a bounty hunter at the end of the day and that's what he will continue to do.

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