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The Most Expensive Gifts Bought For Stormi

Gettyimages | Raymond Hall
By Kirstin Chock

This mom and daughter due have taken over social media from their "Rise and Shine" video to their cute Instagram posts. As Kylie's only daughter, Stormi definitely gets the royal treatment compared to most baby girls. In fact, at age 2, Stormi's gifts are probably more expensive than all the gifts you've ever gotten in your entire life combined. From diamond jewelry, to custom Louis Vuitton bags, and even her own house, baby Stormi is already living the extravagant and boujee lifestyle in full force.

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Custom Louis Vuitton Trolls Bag From Aunt Khloe

Gettyimages | Bravo

The cost of an authentic Louis Vuitton duffle bag is over $1,000. To get a custom, one of a kind Louis Vuitton bag costs even more. As a gift to her niece Stormi, Khloe got her a custom Trolls design Louis Vuitton duffel bag. Trolls has been Stormi's favorite movie, and Kylie even hired one of the Trolls to hangout with Stormi for the day as a surprise gift. Not a bad surprise to spend a day with a Troll and get a custom designer Trolls bag.

Diamond Ring From Kylie

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

Most people dream of getting a diamond ring that costs well over six-figures, but baby Stormi already has one. Mom, Kylie, gifted Stormi an expensive 22-karat diamond ring valued at over 1 million dollars. Kylie got slammed all over social media for buying her, at the time 1 year old, child such an expensive diamond ring. And while it is extremely uncommon for a 1 year old to have a million dollar diamond ring, you have to admit, they definitely go big when it comes to go big or go home.

A Life Size Playhouse From Kris Jenner

Gettyimages | Rodin Eckenroth

Kris Jenner, grandmother of Stromi, bought Stormi a life sized playhouse. The playhouse is so big that Kris, Kylie, and the Kardashian sisters can all fit comfortably in it. The playhouse even has electricity and an air conditioner. While the public took to social media to yet again slam the Jenners for going over the top with such an extravagant, one of a kind playhouse, we have to admit that a life size playhouse is any girls dream come true.

100K Birthday Party

Giphy | Comments By Celebs

Stormi just turned 2 years old earlier this month. While her lavish party took over social media with all the custom Stormi figures at her big birthday bash, people don't realize how much all of this cost. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, Stormi's parents, spent over $100,000 for Stormi's 2nd birthday party! While many people shared their opinion about over 100K for a child's party that she's too young to remember is overboard, everyone who attended the party will surely remember this one.

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