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Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner

What's This Big Difference between Kim Kardashian and Kylie’s Parenting that Fans have Noted?

Gettyimages | Taylor Hill
By Alan Blake

The Kardashian Jenner family is not new on the screens as the family leads an open to public life. Their show Keeping Up with the Kardashians aired first in 2007, making them more pronounced in the media.

Back then, Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the sisters, was still a teenager and has led a rich and famous life ever since. Kylie Jenner and her elder sisters are now all grown with Kim Kardashian West at 39 and a mother of four.

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Kim Kardashian is proving the Best Mom in the World

Kylie Jenner
Gettyimages | Dimitrios Kambouris

According to a source close to the celebrity, she goes the extra mile when it comes to her kids. Kim gives her children anything that resonates with her, and can research on everything to make it the best for them. She takes the initiative to do as much as she can for the kids, even though she has a helper.

The mother of four is a dedicated mother who goes hands-on at school and preparing meals and snacks for her children. According to the source, she is very maternal, sweet, and never seems to lose her patience.

Kim Kardashian Opens Up about her Kids’ Playroom

Kim Kardashian
Gettyimages | Rodin Eckenroth

According to what fans insinuate, Kim Kardashian’s Calabasas mansion is not kid-friendly, although she recently opened up about its large playroom which dismisses the fans’ opinion. As she revealed, the playroom includes music instruments, a projector, and a stage.

She proved to be simply the best mom, extending her kindness to her extended family. She allegedly took the initiative to find the best schools for the entire family. Her perspective about the world and its riches changed during her traumatic experience in 2016.

Kim Kardashian Robbed at Gunpoint

Giphy | GQ

Parties and vacation is not a new thing for the Kardashian sisters. However, not all are celebratory for Kim following her robbery incidence in 2016. She was on vacation in Paris when she was attacked and robbed.

Her perspective about wealth changed, and she confessed on Ellen DeGeneres she no longer cares about possessions. Some fans however, have come out to note her excellent parenting roles, even ranking her a better mom compared to her siblings Kylie and Khloe. A fan noted how the two only use their kids as Instagram accessories.

The Kardashian Sisters’ Parenting Ranked

Kendall Jenner
Gettyimages | Gareth Cattermole/amfAR

Although Kim has proved to be the best mom, Kendall Jenner recently ranked Rob and Khloe above her, a thing that Kim did not take lightly. Kendall appeared on the Late Late Show, where she got challenged to rank her siblings’ parenting skills or drink a 1,000-years-old egg.

According to Kim, she would instead have swallowed the egg than list them. Kourtney was the most furious of all having been ranked last. Kendall is the second last in the family and she is yet to become a mom.

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