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Fans Are Concerned After Justin Bieber Yells At Wife Hailey in Latest Episode of 'Seasons'

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By Adreon Patterson

Fans express concern for Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's marriage as Bieber yells at Baldwin for an arcade game.

This came after Bieber’s latest docuseries Justin Bieber: Seasons premiered earlier this year on YouTube. The series allowed fans to take a look at his health, music, experience with constant fame and scrutiny as well as his relationship with wife Hailey Baldwin.

The docuseries led to the “Baby” singer releasing his fifth solo studio album Changes after a five-year hiatus from the music industry.

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Since becoming “couple goals” for many on social media, others expressed concern over a recent video Baldwin posted to her Instagram story.

In the video, Baldwin boasts that she’s beat her husband in an arcade game. She shows her score being higher than Bieber's.

“That’s my score, that’s his score,” Baldwin declared showing off the point totals. “Baby, I wasn’t trying!” Bieber responded loudly. “I beat you, accept it,” Baldwin responded before panning to a sulking Bieber.

“I won, accept it,” Baldwin captioned the video.

Twitter user Sam expressed her concern over the couple's relationship.

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Some people found the video clip so alarming, that they began to express concern for Bieber’s wife.

One fan declared, “Honestly Low-key worried about her. That is not normally healthy behavior over losing an arcade game."

“This makes me so uncomfortable. I am lowkey worried about her, he treats her like sh*t in public so who knows what he’s like behind closed doors," another chimed in. "Actually I’m not lowkey worried, I’m genuinely worried.”

While some felt Bieber was merely joking, others felt that his tone, expression, and body language stated otherwise.

“This is NOT normal….he wasn’t even joking either by the facial expression at the end,” one person shared.

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Other people decided to reference that Bieber had previously been in abusive relationships prior to his marriage to Baldwin.

Most seemed to reference Bieber’s most famous ex, Selena Gomez, who had shared being emotionally abused by the Canadian singer while in a relationship with him.

One fan questioned, “He’s an admitted abuser and Selena said he was emotionally abusive. His behavior towards Hailey clearly shows that things haven’t changed. If he treats her like this in public how is he in private?”

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In an interview with KISS UK, Gomez broke dow how her relationship with best friend Taylor Swift helped her through the abuse she experienced in her relationship with Bieber.

“It was just that they had been on that journey with me intimately, and they were crying because of how proud they were for me stepping into a whole new era of my life and it not involving the horrible things—the abuse, the emotional chaos," she shared. "It felt like I had a huge sigh of relief and to see her and her mom feel that way, it was very sweet."

She concluded, "It’s like an older sister and an aunt proud of their friend. It felt great to have people I love see it as that."

Bieber made a reference to being abusive in a September Instagram post.

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Since the premiere of the docuseries Seasons, both Bieber and his wife have been open about their relationship, with Baldwin revealing the real reason for their long-delayed wedding.

After Bieber's revelation about dealing with chronic mono and Lyme disease, the couple's main priority was his health.

Bieber has been revealing intimate details about his relationship with his wife in interviews, concerts and music. The “Boyfriend” singer has made it his business to let others know he and Baldwin enjoy each other physically.

Hopefully, as Bieber and Baldwin continue to grow in their marriage, the couple will make the necessary changes to create a healthy, successful, mature relationship.

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