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AIDs Activism Drama 'The Book of Ruth' Casts Ruth Wilson & Matt Bomer

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By Beca Dalimonte

Ruth Wilson, known for her work on The Affair and Luther, will be joining White Collar and Magic Mike star Matt Bomer in the AIDs activism drama titled 'The Book of Ruth'.

The film will be directed by Tony-nominated Michael Arden, with a screenplay by Rebecca Pollock and Kas Graham, and is scheduled to be shot later this year.

It will be Arden's feature film debut, although the director is already well-known for his work on the stage, landing two Tony award nominations before the age of 35.

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The Book of Ruth will be set in the 1980's and led by Wilson's character, Ruth Coker Burks. Ruth is a woman devoted to her work, her daughter, and her faith, and decides to educate herself on the AIDs epidemic after meeting her handsome new neighbor (Bomer) who has returned home from New York City after his partner died from AIDs.

Speaking of the film, director Michael Arden said "As a gay man, I feel that Ruth’s story of empathy in the face of great prejudice and adversary is one so needed in our modern time."

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The story of Ruth Coker Burks is based on a real life woman of the same name, who used her salary as a real estate agent to care for many AIDs patients whose friends and families had abandoned them in their time of need.

Producers Scott LaStaiti, Dominic Tighe, and Thomas Daley agreed that "this female-led story tells us that out of the deepest darkness can come the brightest light and the work of Ruth Coker Burks is a constant reminder of all that is best about humanity.'

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The film will be distributed by Independent and their head of sales, Sarah Lebutsch, is confident that this film is exactly what's needed in today's climate.

"The Book Of Ruth is taking a look at recent history, showing us what a person can achieve if they put their prejudices aside and do the right thing," she said of the film's story, "It is a truly inspirational story that buyers and audiences undoubtedly will respond to."

Audiences, and potentially The Academy.

If nominated for awards, The Book of Ruth will be in the company of many other films chronicling the AIDs epidemic.


Matt Bomer, who will co-star in The Book of Ruth, previously starred in The Normal Heart, a 2014 television drama about a writer determined to expose the truth about the AIDs crisis to the government and the gay community.

The film, based on a play of the same name, was well-received, winning awards not only at GLAAD, but at the Golden Globes and Critics Choice.

Ruth Wilson has not previously starred in any films about the AIDs epidemic or the LGBT community, but will definitely be making her mark in LGBT cinema with this film.

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