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Lizzo and the Truth That Shouldn't Hurt, but Probably Will!

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By Kevin JP

Lizzo is a talented, beautiful, full-figured female recording artist that's had enough of the body shaming that's been going around lately. She's someone who is quite passionate and very vocal about 'unapologetically being yourself', a motto that needs a spotlight and couldn't get a much better 'mouthpiece' than her. She is an incredibly gifted singer, songwriter, musician and performer who has persevered through tough times, now enjoying the hard-earned fruits of her labor. A true inspiration to anyone, regardless of gender, age or profession!

Lizzo on the Double Standard in the Criticism of Men’s Bodies Vs. Women’s Bodies

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Lizzo is one who is known for not being shy about expressing her opinion, especially when it comes to the scrutiny that women constantly face with regard to body shaming. When talking recently about the 'touchy' subject in an interview on Brazil's TV Fohla after her first performance in Rio de Janeiro, Lizzo refused to hold anything back. She explained that women aren't going around commenting on the size of a certain part of the male anatomy, when speaking about the lack of representation for women with bodies like hers.

It's Time to Represent

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It's definitely safe to say that there's not only a lack of representation of black women in the media in general but also for those of the body shape and size that is Lizzo. She has clearly made the choice to, instead of 'downsizing' to fit the mold, make her self as noticeable as possible. While some of her behavior may seem to be purely attention-grabbing, this is the world we live in - and this issue could use Lizzo's attention-grabbing abilities!

Skills to Pay the Bills

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Lizzo says that there is a lack of representation in the world and this is especially true for women who look like her. And she is doing everything in her power that she can to bring justice to the situation. Lizzo's performance at the Grammy's boasted a stage full of black and big dancers on stage along with an orchestra full of black women. She feels as though if she thinks that she can help them, which she can, that she indeed should.

Nothing Can Stop Lizzo Now!

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Jillian Michael's recent diabetes dig about Lizzo along with a slew of other comments on the negative tip thrown her way has done anything but deter Lizzo. It's actually done quite the opposite. She is hellbent on proving that anyone can wear whatever they want, regardless of their shape or size. Lizzo continues to post about how comfortable she is with her body and doesn't show any signs of slowing down. And there's no reason to - you go girl!

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