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Conchata FerrellLooks breath-taking in this black and white poached dress in an event.

Conchata Ferrell From ‘Two And A Half Men’ Is Getting Her Groove Back

Gettyimages | Walter McBride
By Favour

Conchata Ferrell who played the role of Berta, in the iconic film titled “Two And A Half Men,” have everyone a scare when it was revealed that she had to be hospitalized as she was suffering from an infection. Her fans were no doubt sending love and prayers to her, hoping that someday they would get the good news and guess what? They did.

Reports have confirmed that the actress is already on her way to a full recovery and will be up on her feet in no time.

Conchata Ferrell looks adorable as she shares a lovely smile for the camera at an event.
Gettyimages | Walter McBride

In December, TMZ reported that the actress was confined to a hospital bed after it was found out that she was suffering from a kidney infection. The doctors insisted that she had an operation immediately, hence, her stay in a hospital located at Charleston West Virginia.

Reports also confirmed that Ferrell was in grave danger as the infection in her kidney was spreading very fast and the doctors had to act on it as soon as possible, to stop any fatal accidents from happening.


In the report, it was also confirmed that the infection had spread to Ferrell’s blood stream and she was feeling very weak and pale.

The illness put Ferrell in the IU for many days and the doctors had to monitor her for many days to see that she was responding to treatment.

When fans heard this, they were disturbed and sad at the same time. They showed the actress love and support and wished her a safe recovery. Those prayers have definitely been answered as the actress’s surgery went well and she is recovering very fast.

A rare photo of Conchata Ferrell smiling beautifully.
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The first time Ferrell noticed that something was terrible wrong with her health, she fell ill while she was on vacation at her home in the South-East.

She had gone on vacation to have a lovely thanksgiving, but plans changed and she decided to stay till December. When she found out that she was getting too sick for her liking, she came back to Charleston. At this time, she was getting treatments at her home with the help of private nurses.

Conchata Ferrell shares a lovely photo with her friends and co-stars and they all look adorable.
Wikimedia |

While fans were waiting to hear more news on the actress’s, it was revealed that she is now doing better. Not only is she doing better, but she can also walk on her own, which is more than good news to fans all over the world.

Ferrell has always been a favorite for many fans since she featured in “Two And A Half Men.”

Presently, Ferrell is married to the love of her life, Arnie Anderson and they have three beautiful daughters. The couple have been married since the mid 80s and have developed each other’s careers since then.

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