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Kendall Jenner in the street

Kendall Jenner's Bathroom Underwear Video Is Getting Some Interesting Comments

Gettyimages | Hollywood To You/Star Max
By Rebecca Cukier

It's been two days since Kendall Jenner took to Instagram in selfie mode from her bathroom – the 24-year-old supermodel was giving big sister Kim Kardashian a little boost by modeling merch from the 39-year-old's SKIMS line.

Kendall's post wasn't a permanent one (she took to her stories), but the footage of the brunette flaunting her jaw-dropping body in a black underwear set went viral.

By Sunday night, the story was a headline over on The Daily Mail, with comments to the newspaper's report proving both interesting and unexpected.

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The Video

Kendall Jenner takes an underwear selfie
Kendall Jenner/Instagram

Kendall's video was simple and brief. It showed the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star standing in her marbled bathroom and backed by a bathtub. Kendall was zooming in and out as she filmed herself in a sexy and sporty black underwear look – Kendall wore a strappy soft-cupped SKIMS bra paired with high-waisted briefs from the label.

The video checked boxes for showing off the model's impossibly-slim silhouette, also reminding fans that the willowy frame comes backed by curves for Kendall.

"@skims," Kendall had written, giving sister Kim's 2019-founded brand a shout-out. She also used Kim's Instagram handle.

'J.Lo At 50 Years Old Looks Better Than Her In A Bikini'

Jennifer Lopez takes a bikini selfie
Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

Viewers to The Daily Mail's report seemed to have been keeping tabs on celebrity Instagram of late. Singer Jennifer Lopez made major waves on Sunday for a sizzling "relaxed and recharged" bikini selfie – the snap of J.Lo flaunting her rock-hard body in a white string two-piece currently sits at over 7 million likes.

Over 340 users upvoted the following comment.

"Someone better not tell her that J-Lo at 50 years old, looks better than her in a bikini!!"

A reply did, however, attempt to balance it out.

"She looks great too, no need to compare," the user responded.

Underpants That 'Look Like They Have A Penis'? – It Gets Bizarre

Kim Kardashian poses in underwear
Kim Kardashian/Insagram

While comments regarding Kendall's sensational physique were plentiful, also manifesting were remarks over the SKIMS merch itself.

"I totally hate the shape of those underpants...makes them look like they have a Pnis [sic]," a fan wrote, with others agreeing.

SKIMS is known for being pared-down, minimalistic, and feminine in a simple way. As to this comment, there's no saying quite why the user made it, but they must have had their reasons. They were also agreed with by 60 users.

Kinder replies were left, though.

"Kendall is so hot!!," one user stated.

The Whole Family Making Style Headlines Right Now

Kim Kardashian and North West in the street
Gettyimages | Robert Kamau

Kendall recently made headlines for revealing which of her famous nieces she thinks is the most stylish. For Kendall, Kim's eldest daughter North West wins the crown.

"I have to say North because she actually dresses herself at this point and likes to create outfits, like will put things together that you just wouldn't even think of," Kendall told E!.

As to Kendall's online influencing, it's been earning her big bucks. The model ranked top as 2019's highest-paid female influencer on the platform, raking in a staggering $15.9 million –yes, from Instagram alone.

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