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The Duchess of Cambridge in a black turtleneck and tan coat

The Pressure Is On For Kate Middleton

Gettyimages | Chris Jackson
By Sarah Veldman

It seems like just yesterday when Kate Middleton was being hounded by paparazzi as she stepped outside her door, with the media calling her "waity Katy" due to her long relationship with Prince William without a proposal.

When the couple got married in a massive royal wedding watched by millions, her life looked like a fairy tale come true.

Over the years, Kate has learned on the job and taken it in stride. While it appeared at times that she simply faded into the background, happy to support her husband, the future Queen has stepped outside his shadow to become a force of her own.

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Kate Is Being Used As A Weapon For The Monarchy

The Duchess of Cambridge at Buckingham Palace
Gettyimages | WPA Pool

Now, in the wake of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as well as Prince Andrew stirring up all kinds of drama at Buckingham Palace, Kate is clearly being used as a weapon for the monarchy to save their image.

Royal expert Camilla Tominey spoke on This Morning recently, claiming Kate is under pressure to modernize the monarchy.

Speaking about a recent engagement in which Kate and William attended with Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, Tominey said, "This is a picture of the monarchy moving forward, but the pressure is really on the Duchess of Cambridge to make the royals move into the future."

Kate Is Stepping Up Her Game

Kate Middleton and Prince William walk their children to school
Gettyimages | WPA Pool

She continued, 'Yes, Prince William is a star but it's been all about Kate lately and she's considerably raised her game. She's now carved her own path focusing on early years learning. She wants to commit her working life to childhood and how it affects adult life. She's been doing it in secret for eight years."

Clearly, Kate is making an effort to step even further into her role with confidence, especially after braving the storm the Sussexes left behind.

Tominey said, "This is her emerging from Prince William's shadow to carve her own path as a future Princess of Wales."

Kate Opened Up About Life As A Mom

Kate Middleton holding flowers
Gettyimages | Max Mumby/Indigo

Kate has also been incredibly honest and open recently when it comes to her private life, something many in the royal family have not done.

She appeared on Giovanna Fletcher's Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast, and spoke with refreshing honesty about her role as a mother, and described feelings that every mom has felt.

Kate spoke about "mom guilt," saying, "Yes, absolutely. I think anyone who doesn' actually lying. Yeah, all the time."

Kate is becoming a force within the royal family because she is opening up and showing who she truly is in a genuine way.

Kate Is Under More Pressure Now

Kate Middleton in a sweater and green pants
Gettyimages | WPA Pool

Royal commentator Omid Scobie recently spoke about the pressure Kate is under and how she seems to be handling it.

Speaking on the Heirpod podcast, he said, "I think there had been times where it felt like she wasn't doing a lot...and we're now at a point where I think she's really realising the impact that she can have when using her platform wisely. And this work with the Early Years, which is a lifelong project for her, she plans to continue with this at least for the next decade."

Kate has clearly stepped into her role with confidence, realizing that with recent events, it may be up to her to help carry the monarchy. Who could have ever expected that "waity katey" would end up being the royal family's saving grace?

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