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Model Responds to 'Fatphobic' Vitriolic Criticism of Weight by Influencer

Xiaxue | Instagram
By Zachary Holt

On social media platforms, beauty influencers usually are there to promote particular brands and show ways for people to make themselves look more attractive, whether that's through makeup tutorials or using something like teeth-whitening products, fasting smoothies, or exercise equipment.

It's not good business to show hatred towards someone, especially in an unfounded manner. Well, enter Wendy Cheng, or better known by her Instagram name, Xiaxue. Seemingly out of nowhere, the influencer decided to go after a plus-size model and condemn her for being 'morbidly obese' and 'unhealthy'.

Cheng Takes to Instagram to 'Fat Shame' Model, Claiming She Has 'Diabetes' and 'Clogged Arteries'


Cheng decided to target a plus-size model, La’Shaunae Steward, who is from South Carolina, in a long and vitriolic post that included pictures of Steward. Why she chose to go after Steward is unknown.

In her Instagram post, Cheng wrote, "Most morbidly obese people don’t live past 40. They gorge themselves with 30 burgers a day and when they inevitably get a clogged artery or diabetes taxpayers have to help foot their medical bills when their health conditions are entirely caused by their irresponsible behavior. Disgusting."

'Even When They Die, They Need 3 People to Carry the Corpse'

Xiaxue | Instagram

Cheng continued her derogatory comments sharing that 'morbidly obese people' should not be considered attractive because they're disease-ridden with diabetes and heart complications.

"The morbidly obese (like this woman) should never be seen as attractive because death and disease aren’t attractive full stop. Irresponsibility isn’t attractive. Even when they die [they] need 3 pple [sic] to carry the corpse. F*cking stop glorifying this shit @instagram shame on you."

The influencer later shared another picture of Steward sitting on a bed, which was sent to her by one of Cheng's followers. "Follower sent me this in response to my story and I had to see it so you have to as well," she captioned with the photo.

Steward Responds to 'Fatphobic' Comments From Cheng

La'Shunae Steward | Twitter

Steward was utterly baffled why someone would even care about her weight or her exercise routine, especially when they don't even know her. Taking to Twitter, Steward responded to Cheng's profound and unwarranted criticisms.

"Why are thin people this obsessed with letting me know indirectly they think im [sic] unattractive to them therefore im [sic] not worthy of love, a career, being visible, and literally telling me the age im [sic] going to die? Ok miss cleo [sic]," Steward said in her response.

The model later said that she "doesn’t owe [her] weight loss to anyone," and "I don’t owe anyone an explanation for why I’m fat or don’t exercise!! I don’t have to prove my health!!!"

People on Social Media Condemn Cheng's Comments, Offer Support to Steward

Sure enough, Cheng started receiving relentless backlash from people on social media that were quick to condemn her 'fatphobic' comments.

One user commented, "What is the point of using your followers to belittle and humiliate someone because of their appearance? So rude and uncalled for. Irresponsible and pointless af," while another said, "xiaxue on IG is disgustingly #fatphobic and if you follow her, please stay away from me."

Hopefully, Steward has a great support system around here. These types of comments can really weight on someone's mind for years and are simply unnecessary and inappropriate.

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