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Chris Hemsworth

Why Marvel's Thor, Chris Hemsworth, Almost Gave Up Acting

Gettyimages | Ryan Pierse
By Robin Burks

It's nearly impossible not to imagine Chris Hemsworth as Thor on the big screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but there was a point in the actor's career where he almost gave up acting. Hemsworth recently spoke to Men's Health about his career and talked about how after he appeared in Star Trek, he almost hung up his acting cape. The actor was honest about how dicey an acting career can sometimes get, even for someone who looks like a Norse god.

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Why he almost gave up

Chris Hemsworth in Star Trek
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In Star Trek, Hemsworth portrayed the role of Kirk's father. Although he only appeared at the very beginning of the movie, many might have thought his performance would have launched his career. However, that was not the case. Hemsworth mentioned that his phone didn't start ringing the way he expected. "I was about to quit," he said. For eight months, he went through audition after audition, hoping to grab something. Eventually, though, he got cast in The Cabin in the Woods.

He had to take focus off himself

Chris Hemsworth
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Hemsworth stated that the key to moving forward as an actor was to take the focus off himself. One of his early goals was to buy his parents a house, so that was what he targeted his thoughts on during that eight-month period of auditions. He said:

"Someone said to take a bat-and-ball approach to auditions. So there’s your audition, then boom, on to the next one.You can’t be thinking about that last one.That’s where the fear comes when you’re like, [raises pitch of voice] 'Oh God, everything’s relying on this one single moment.' Which nothing is. No single moment ever defines your journey. There are so many complicated pieces of the puzzle. I’ve found it comforting letting go a bit."

Becoming a superhero


Hemsworth continued to get roles after The Cabin in the Woods. After finishing that project, he went on to Red Dawn. However, it was his next gig that made him a superstar and household name: the role of Thor in the MCU. He's got many Marvel movies under his belt now, and the good news is that he has at least one more Thor movie in his future: the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. In that film, he will hand his hammer over to Jane Foster (Natalie Portman).

What's next for Hemsworth?

Chris Hemsworth
Gettyimages | David M. Benett

It's a good thing Hemsworth didn't quit acting, because now, his star is brighter than ever. Not only does he finally have the money to buy his parents and himself a new house, but he also recently donated $1 million to help fight the fires in Australia, his home country. He will also host Limitless, a science series for National Geographic where the actor will take on challenges that will test his mind and body as research to promote longevity for aging.

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