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Meghan Markle's British Vogue Issue Has Become the 'Fastest-Selling' in the Magazine's History

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By Zachary Holt

Anything that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle touch, currently, seems to turn to gold. The public and media's fascination with the renegade couple has been abounding since they made the decision to relinquish their roles as senior members of the royal family and move to North America to begin a life that was financially independent of the crown.

Well, that unwavering fascination seems to have been confirmed through September 2019's British Vogue issue which had sold out in 10 days, taking the title of 'fastest-selling' issue in the publication's history. Why do you ask? The answer is simple. Meghan Markle.

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September's 2019 British Vogue Issue Sells Out Completely in 10 Days

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Although the issue was from September 2019, information coming from the magazine's statistics department is just now being released. For the issue, though, Markle was asked to guest edit by editor-in-chief Edward Enninful.

The publication head shared on Instagram just ten days after the issue had been released that it had completely sold out, thus garnering the title of 'fastest-selling' issue in their history. And while it was another royal collaboration by Vogue, this one was a bit different than previous issues.

The Issue Was a Departure From the Usual Structure of Royal Collaboration

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The title of the September 2019 issue was 'Forces for Change', which featured 15 different women on its cover including the likes of Yara Shahidi, Salma Hayek, Greta Thunberg, Jameela Jamil, among a number of other influential women who have helped bring about change in some manner.

This, of course, was in stark contrast to previous royal collaborations which featured the royal figure on the cover, having gone back decades since the tradition began. Previous issues that did so included the late-Princess Diana and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

British Vogue's Success Points to the Influence of Meghan Markle, Alone

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Interestingly, British Vogue's digital and print circulation has gone up one whole percent, while other Conde Nast publications, such as Glamour and Teen Vogue have essentially shut down their print operations altogether and switched only to digital viewership.

Other figures such as overall readership by the magazine, among additional applicable statistics point to one reason for the success in readership of British Vogue, despite declines across the board for people choosing to read them. Yep, you guessed it. Meghan Markle seems to be the single key factor for the outlet's sustained success.

Prince Harry and Meghan Continue to Receive Offers to Speak and Make Appearances

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It doesn't appear that it's only magazines that want to have Markle and Prince Harry involved. The couple recently took a trip from their home in Vancouver to Miami where the Duke of Sussex gave a speech at a JP Morgan private event, garnering the couple a nice paycheck of one million dollars.

It was also reported prior to Oscar's ceremony that the former royal couple has been approached about hosting the event, to which they inevitably declined. The reality is the demand for Prince Harry and Meghan is so high right now, we can definitely expect to see them receiving offers from all over the place, at least for the near future.

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