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"I think that women are always going to be criticized for existing in their bodies and I don’t think I'm any different than any of the other great women who've come before me that had to literally be politicized just to be sexual…you know what I mean? [Just to] exist," she said.

"Things that were beautiful on them were called flaws, and they persisted against that, fought against that, and now I'm able to do what I do because of those great women," she continued. "And they all look completely different, they don't all look the same, and they all had to deal with the same kind of marginalization and misogyny.

"So, what does that tell you about the oppressor? What does that tell you about men? Get it together, we don't talk about your dick sizes, do we? Like, 'that's not a conventional dick size, it's too small,'" she said. "We still let ya'll a–es run all over the godd– place."

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Lizzo talked about body positivity in an interview with TIME when she won the publication's Entertainer of the Year award last year.

"I've been doing positive music for a long-a- time," she told the outlet. "Then the culture changed. There were a lot of things that weren't popular but existed, like body positivity, which at first was a form of protest for fat bodies and black women and has now become a trendy, commercialized thing. Now I've seen it reach the mainstream. Suddenly I'm mainstream! How could we have guessed something like this would happen when we've never seen anything like this before?"

Lizzo has had to deal with comments about her body from all angles, including Jillian Michaels who made negative comments about the musician last month.

"Why are we celebrating her body?" she said. "Why does it matter? Why aren't we celebrating her music? 'Cause it isn't gonna be awesome if she gets diabetes."

"I love her music," Michaels continued "My kid loves her music, but there's never a moment where I'm like 'I'm so glad she's overweight!' Why do we care? Why is it my job to care about her weight?"

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