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The Breakfast Club

Celebrate the 35th Anniversary of 'The Breakfast Club' With These Fun Facts

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By Robin Burks

In 1985, The Breakfast Club opened to theaters everywhere and managed to capture the hearts and minds of every teenager who had ever stepped foot into a high school. The John Hughes classic featured a virtual Who's Who of young actors at the time and included Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy and Anthony Michael Hall. This year, the film celebrates its 35th anniversary, so here are some fun facts about everyone's favorite high school comedy-drama. Sincerely yours - The Breakfast Club.

Nicholas Cage was almost Bender

Nicholas Cage
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Although fans couldn't imagine Bender as anyone other than Nelson, another actor was originally considered for the part, Nicholas Cage. Casting Director Jackie Burch spoke to HuffPost about it and said, “They were talking about Nicolas Cage, and I just felt like Judd was the perfect last ingredient." Fortunately, Hughes agreed with Burch, deciding that Cage didn't have the sort of "innate coolness" that the character required. However, Nelson almost got fired from the role because he insisted on staying in character, even off-set.

The Female Cast Members Had A Racy Scene Removed


The original script for The Breakfast Club included a scene that many might have felt was racy. Hughes penned a scene where the boys snuck out of the library to another room that had a peephole that looked into the women's locker room. There, they would have seen a P.E. teacher naked. However, Ringwald and Sheedy insisted that the scene was inappropriate. Hughes agreed and cut the scene, making The Breakfast Club only one of a few teen 80s comedies that didn't feature nudity.

Simple Minds almost didn't sing "Don't You (Forget About Me)"


It's hard to imagine The Breakfast Club without its iconic theme song by Simple Minds, "Don't You (Forget About Me)." The band originally turned down the chance to sing on the movie soundtrack because they didn't write the song. However, they were encouraged to go watch the movie, and friends and family urged them to take the gig. And that catchy "“la, la-la-la-la” part at the end? That was added as the band recorded it because that part of the song didn't already have lyrics.

It was supposed to be the first of several movies


Perhaps the most disappointing little-known fact about The Breakfast Club is that it was initially intended to be the first of several movies in a franchise. The original idea was to make a sequel every 10 years to follow the lives of the movie's characters, showing fans where they ended up. However, it soon became clear that Hughes didn't want to work with Nelson again and he and Ringwald reportedly had a falling out after she decided not to do Some Kind of Wonderful with him.

It's never too late, though, is it? Most fans would agree that it would be great to catch up with The Breakfast Club, even now, 35 years later, and see what everyone is up to.

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