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Lady Gaga's Legendary Bleached Eyebrows Break the Internet

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur
By Nicole Brandy Ryan

Lady Gaga is notorious for her edgy, unique, and undoubtedly iconic beauty looks. She is always pushing the boundaries, even releasing her own beauty brand called Haus Laboratories. This week she revealed her latest look, bleached eyebrows. She shared her new brows with the world via an Instagram selfie, cutely captioned, "Sushi!!!!!" The selfie featured a makeup-less Gaga in a cozy teal blue sweatshirt, flexing her new strikingly blonde brows. Only Gaga would unveil such an iconic new look so casually.

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The Internet Reacts

Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre

Upon posting the selfie, fans and the internet immediately began to react. The look was definitely a success among fans. The selfie quickly grew to over one million likes, as the internet flooded Gaga with praise. Some of the comments Gaga received included praise like "Beautifully stunning!" and "You look SO incredible." There were also fans who reacted by saying they too now wanted to bleach their eyebrows. Gaga even drew responses from her fellow celebs, with Demi Lovato commenting saying, "Hot."

Not the First Time


Gaga is no stranger to the bleached brow. She's rocked the look several times before, most famously for her role as the Countess in American Horror Story. Lady Gaga even once raved about her love for bleached brows to Glamour Magazine saying, "I bleach my eyebrows every day—I like to keep them light... They're more versatile for a beauty look. You can draw [your eyebrows] any way you want when they're bleached.” Considering Gaga recently dyed her hair pastel pink, it makes sense she went for bleached brows to complete the look.

That New Album Though...

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur

Not all of Gaga's fans were concerned about her brows. Many fans took to the photo to leave comments asking the singer when her new album can be expected. She has been teasing fans for the past year about her upcoming sixth studio album, referred to as LG6. In December of last year, Gaga tweeted a cryptic message about the album, leaving many fans to speculate that the release date would be announced soon. Yet, here we are in February 2020 and there's still no word on when the world will meet LG6.

Bye Bye Blonde

Gettyimages | Pierre Suu

In a surprising turn of events, Gaga had ditched the bleached brows by Valentine's Day. In a selfie posted with her new boo, her brows had returned to a light brown. Leave it to Gaga to be able to seamlessly transition through daring looks as though it's just another day in the life. In the new selfie, however, the brows weren't what had fans hooked. Gaga hasn't had luck in love, recently suffering several tough heartbreaks. Fans were excited to see Gaga looking so happy cuddled up with her new boyfriend. Happiness definitely well deserved!

The Queen Reigns

Gettyimages | Kevin Tachman/MG19

Lady Gaga is and always will be unapologetically herself. Bleached brows or rainbow hair, she stays true to who she authentically is, and in turn, is able to inspire and influence the world around her. Fans and critics alike love to see what exciting new look Gaga will try next. She keeps the world hooked, and that's why we love her. In the end, no matter what color her eyebrows are, we're just excited to see the new incarnation of Gaga that 2020 and LG6 will bring.

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