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The Duggar Family's Rules Of Courtship

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By Carol Cassada

The eldest Duggar children are preparing for the next stages in their lives.

Jill, Jessa, and Jinger along with a few other Duggar siblings are marrying and having families of their own.

A few of the other Duggar children are also preparing to enter the courtship stage of their life.

As we've seen on the shows 19 Kids and Counting, and Counting On, there are courtship rules that the Duggar children have to follow.

While some critics disagree with the rules, it's important to Jim Bob and Michelle that their children follow the rules. They feel that this will help strengthen the couple's relationship.

So let's take a glimpse at the courtship rules of the Duggars.

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No kissing or hand-holding

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During courtship, the Duggars try to limit as much physical contact between the couples as possible.

Of course, their religious beliefs state no sex before marriage, which is a rule all of the Duggars followed.

Aside from the no sex rule, the Duggars have to limit the amount of physical contact they have with their courting partner.

According to the Duggar rules, there will be no kissing or hand-holding while a couple is courting.

The Duggars believe kissing and hand-holding is something that should be saved for after marriage. The Duggar girls have even talked about how special it is to save their first kiss for their wedding.

Must have a chaperone

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While the Duggar children follow the rules of courtship, Jim Bob and Michelle often worry that one of their rules is going to be broken.

The courting couple is forbidden from being alone together. Whenever the couple goes out for a date, a chaperone must be with them.

Throughout the series 19 Kids and Counting, we saw either Jim Bob or Michelle accompany the couple on a date. When Jim Bob and Michelle weren't available, one of the younger siblings was sent as a chaperone, making sure the couple wasn't breaking any rules.

Monitor all calls and emails

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As we saw on 19 Kids and Counting, the Duggars use very little technology. Although, they do have computers and smartphones.

However, the Duggars make sure to monitor their children's activities on the devices, especially if they use it for courtship.

When Jill Duggar began a courtship with Derrick Dillard, the two were in a long-distance relationship. Jill was in Arkansas, while Derrick was in Nepal doing missionary work.

The couple kept in touch with email and video chats, which were monitored by Jim Bob.

When it came time for Jill to travel to Nepal to meet Derrick, Jim Bob escorted his daughter on the trip.

Must ask the parents' permission

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There are some strict rules for the couples to follow for courtship.

However, before anyone can enter into a courtship, it's important that the gentleman seeks permission from the girl's parents.

On their series, we saw Ben Sewald ask Jim Bob's permission to court Jessa. Derrick also had to seek permission before he began courting Jill.

Jim Bob believes that by asking permission, it'll give him a chance to meet the guy and determine if they're a good fit for his daughters.

As for the Duggar boys, they also need to follow this rule. When they decided to court a girl, they must ask permission from her parents first.

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