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Meghan Markle

What Meghan Markle Really Thinks About Prince Andrew

Gettyimages | WPA Pool
By Joe Allen

The last year has been a tumultuous one for the royal family. [Meghan Markle] (/112792/is-meghan-markle-running-the-show-and-taking-over-responsibility) and Prince Harry made major news when the couple announced that they would be stepping back as official members of the royal family.

Before that, Harry’s uncle Prince Andrew was being ridiculed in the British press for a very different reason. Following Jeffrey Epstein’s indictment and suicide, Andrew’s relationship with the convicted sex offender began to receive a much larger share of attention from the public.

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Meghan Markle on the red carpet
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Now, a source close to the Duchess of Sussex says that Markle doesn’t think too highly of her husband’s uncle. The source reportedly told The Sun that Meghan is glad to have some distance between her family and “the world’s ultimate embarrassing uncle.”

In addition to the scandal he’s involved in, Andrew was also reportedly “stuffy and pompous” toward Meghan during their interactions with one another. Now that her relationship with the royal family has shifted, Markle is glad to be rid of Prince Andrew especially.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
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Meghan and Harry’s royal wedding was the last ceremony to receive loads of coverage from the British media, but there’s another royal wedding coming in the not-too-distant future. Andrew’s daughter Princess Beatrice is preparing for a May wedding, and reports suggest that Andrew will walk his daughter down the aisle.

There’s no word yet on whether Harry and Meghan plan to attend the ceremony, although it seems like the kind of event they’d both be willing to take time to attend.

Prince Andrew and the queen
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While Meghan and Andrew may meet up at the ceremony, the two aren’t likely to see each other much moving forward. Andrew also stepped away from his public-facing duties as part of the royal family, but that decision was not for the sake of his happiness. Instead, Andrew was forced to step back following a disastrous interview in which he failed to clarify his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

In fact, the interview only seemed to further complicate the dynamic between the two.

Boris Johnson and Prince Andrew
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Andrew received a tremendous amount of negative press following the interview, and it ultimately led to his announcement that he would be stepping back from his duties.

Meghan is certainly no stranger to harsh press, but in her case, the critical coverage was much less earned. In fact, the British press was often critical of Markle for seemingly insignificant decisions. They made her life remarkably difficult, which is part of the reason she decided to step away from her life as a royal.

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