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Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson Set to Drop His Own Netflix Special

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Christian Avina

Netflix has been the home for comedy specials every since the pioneering streaming service blew up. Countless comedians have struck deals with Netflix to release specials for the platform and have become one of Netflix's biggest weapons now that the streaming wars rage on. One of the biggest comedians today, Pete Davidson is finally getting his own Netflix Special. Davidson has been no stranger to controversy and with the trailer for his special dropping, people are already upset even with the little snippet of the stand-up special.

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Comedy These Days

A Comedian's greatest weapon, the microphone
Unsplash | Bogomil Mihaylov

Comedy has always been a subjective creative medium. Some may find something funny that you don't and vice versa. In the past few years, comedy has taken a sharp turn in a direction that I certainly didn't see coming. Cancel culture, it's debatable if it even exists considering some of the things people in the spotlight have done and simply been forgiven for, but it definitely has a voice in comedy. People are standing by with their fingers inching to type out a comment to make themselves heard.

Pete Davidon's Trailer

Pete Davidson
Gettyimages | Daniel Boczarski

Pete Davidson's trailer for his new special, Pete Davidson: Alive From New York dropped on Feb. 12 and it's already been met with a ton of backlash. The trailer is meant to be a joke about the number of friendships Davidson has developed over the years with gay men. I believe the thoroughly explaining a joke completely defeats its purpose, so for the sake of the joke, Davidson continues on to say that sometimes he has suspicions of gay friends actually being gay. With that joke alone, people already want Davidson's head.

Comedians Fighting Back

One of the biggest comedians in the world
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One of Netflix's biggest assets is Dave Chappelle in the streaming wars and he's been very outspoken about telling the jokes that he wants regardless of what his critics have to say. Even the name of his latest special hints at this, Sticks & Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. As long as Netflix continues to give comedians a special that deserve a it and understand the state of comedy, they will continue to thrive in the scene.

What Does This Mean For Netflix?

Unsplash | Thibault Penin

The streaming wars are just in its inception with the introduction of Disney+. They're the first real challengers to Netflix, as they have massive amounts of IP to pull from. As long as Netflix continues to make headlines for things like Davidson's trailer drop, they will continue to dominate as they have the hold for high demand things like comedy specials. Pete Davidson: Alive From New York is set to release on Feb. 25 and is set to make waves as soon as it's available on Netflix.

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