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The Intimate Jack & Rose Scene In 'Titanic' Has A Funny Back Story

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By Rima Pundir

Nothing prepared Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio for the stardom they achieved the moment Titanic hit cinemas, way back in 1997. The movie was a stupendous hit and gained almost cult status, catapulting the young actors to instant fame, and fortune. For both Winslet and DiCaprio, there was no looking back after Titanic, even though Winslet was already established and DiCaprio was just starting out. Of course, with a rather steamy scene right before it all unravels, there has to be a steamier backstory to it all...

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The Sketching Rose Scene

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Jack and Rose's first meeting was the most unsteamy bit ever, with her trying to throw herself off the ship and Jack trying to convince her not to. Of course, Caprio managed to make it funny, and the romance between the two titular characters flew on from there. The famous scene where Winslet appears in the nude for DiCaprio's Jack to make a sketch of her wearing nothing but the "heart of the ocean" steamed up things a bit, and but the backstory behind this is pretty funny.

Winslet Decided To Make DiCaprio Comfortable

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Winslet did not want Leonardo DiCaprio to feel uncomfortable during the sketching scene where she appears in the nude. So it is said that she flashed Caprio before the scene, to "acclimatize" him with what was to come. Of course, neither of the actors, who have been friends ever since the movie came clear about this juicy bit of gossip, but clearly, they managed to work things out to their and the movie's benefit. Titanic needed the Jack and Rose spark to work.

Nothing Says Steamy Like A Sweaty Palm

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Of course, Cameron really knew how to build up the tension. From the sketching scene, it was straight to a back-to-the-future pan, with an old Rose reminiscing about what happened next. The romance was just building and it was beautiful and yet tragic to watch the young lovers who had their future ahead of him, but tragically, didn't. Everyone knew the Titanic sank, so everything happening on the ship was culminating towards a dramatic end. But that did not stop Winslet and Caprio from making it funny during the shoot.

Behind The Steaminess Lay Tomfoolery

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Winslet and DiCaprio remain close friends till today, and even did Revolutionary Road later. Despite the inherent awkwardness of shooting a sex scene, Winslet and Caprio apparently fooled around so much, it broke the ice pretty quickly. Apparently, Caprio would tickle and tease her, groping her in a comically leery way, and Winslet would respond in the same way, grabbing his bum to make it funnier. And so these two stars managed to make a sex scene effortless for them and movie memorable for all.

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