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Prince Harry

Prince Harry's Next Gig Might Already Be Lined Up

Gettyimages | Chris Jackson
By Carolyn B.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are well on their way to achieving their shared goal of becoming financially independent of the Royal Family. The couple has left the United Kingdom for peaceful family time in Canada and has been busy networking and setting up appearances and opportunities for themselves.

New reports say the Duke of Sussex could already have his next gig lined up. However, like Duchess Meghan's Disney deal, this particular opportunity just might have to forgo the traditional paycheck.

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Huge Expenses

Archie Harrison, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry
Gettyimages | Pool/Samir Hussein

The Sussexes have a lot on their plate as they prepare for their future outside of palace life. The couple has moved into a $14 million house that they are reportedly renting -- but that rent can't be cheap! -- and could later decide to buy. They have also been rumored to be considering a home in Los Angeles, eventually.

Security costs are also a major expense. The Duke and Duchess reportedly have 15 guards working for them in order to keep baby Archie Harrison safe from nosy paparazzi.

Paying It Back

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

On top of their living expenses, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have decided to pay back taxpayers in the United Kingdom for the renovations done to their former UK home, Frogmore Cottage. This is said to be about $3 million in total.

The couple's Frogmore Cottage staff has been reallocated to other areas of the palace in their absence, though it was said that some may have to be let go completely. Duchess Meghan is reportedly very happy to perform more of her own duties and not be waited on by staff.

New Jobs On The Horizon

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
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People have long speculated that Duchess Meghan would return to Hollywood to make a living -- and they are partially right. While industry insiders have expressed an interest, the logistics of providing security are proving too much of a hassle. Meghan does currently have a deal to provide voiceover work for Disney, but her potential salary will be donated to charity.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry is reportedly looking at a deal that would see him making appearances and speeches for Goldman Sachs. However, like Meghan's Disney deal, Harry's pay would be in conjunction with his royal patronages, as this deal was in the works before he and Meghan left the palace.


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

While much of Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry's upcoming salary will be donated, that doesn't mean the Sussexes haven't made a nice payday for themselves as Canadian citizens.

Harry and Meghan recently attended an exclusive event for J.P. Morgan in Florida. Duchess Meghan introduced her husband who gave a speech about mental health and the loss of his mother, Princess Diana. Reports said the couple could have earned up to $1 million for the event. While in attendance, they networked with celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez.

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