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'90 Day Fiance' Season 7: Who's Still Together? Who Split?

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By A. Elise

The end of another season of 90 Day Fiance is upon us, and fans are gearing for a new season of Before the 90 Days that begins airing Sunday, February 23. Until then, fans of TLC's hit show have a lot to look forward to. Namely, a two-part tell all featuring all the couples from this season.

In case you have forgotten, there were eight couples this season. They include Angela and Michael (who have appeared on two seasons of Before the 90 Days already), Anna and Mursel, Juliana and Michael, Natalie and Mike, Emily and Sasha, Jasmin and Blake, Tania and Syngin, and Anny and Robert.

Each couple faced difficulties over the course of the season, and there were a few couples fans thought would never be able to last. As fans watch the tell-all tonight, they are sure to wonder who is still together.

Be aware--there are spoilers ahead.

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Tania and Syngin

View of South African coast
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Tania and Syngin had one of the rockiest relationships this season. The two argued a lot, and many fans of the show were critical of the fact that Tania had scheduled a 30-day retreat in the middle of their 90-day period. She refused to call Syngin, who is from South Africa, to update him on her whereabouts, and she told her future husband that her ex was her soulmate.

So are they still together? In spite of the fact that the two have not shared any photos together on Instagram, other stars of the show have been photographed hanging out with them. Also, rumor has it that the two are filming together in South Africa.

Juliana and Michael

TLC cast members
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Juliana moved to the United States from Brazil to be with her fiance, Michael. Juliana became a fast step-mother to Michael's adorable kids, and she also befriended Michael's ex-wife. Their main drama centered around a pre-nuptial agreement that never came to fruition.

So, are they together? Unless something intensely unexpected happened in the last few weeks, it seems clear that Juliana and Michael are still together and very much in love. They seem very happy on social media, though Michael has expressed anger at TLC's editing.

Anna and Mursel

Bee keeper looking at bees
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Anna and Mursel were legitimately hard to watch for a lot of fans. The two beekeepers fell in love online and finally met in person. Unfortunately, Mursel forgot to mention three key pieces of Anna's life to his parents before they got engaged: her sons. Mursel was extremely dependent on his parents and was unable to communicate in English. Fans were shocked by how childish Mursel seemed. The two wed anyway.

It is clear that Anna and Mursel are still married on Instagram, but that does not mean there might not be any drama for the tell-all tonight.

Anny and Robert

Dock in the Dominican Republic
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Anny and Robert fought a lot this season. When Anny arrived from the Dominican Republic, she had a lot of expectations (that Robert created). Robert's ex-mother-in-law tried to pay for Anny to leave him, and Robert signed a lease behind Anny's back. Plus, Robert has a handful of kids he didn't tell Anny about.

Again, this couple has not shared much on Instagram, but they appear to be together. Other Instagram accounts have posted photos of the couple together, and it looks like they might even be filming.

Emily and Sasha

Man rubbing chalk on his hands in front of weights
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Emily and Sasha brought on the drama early and then sort of seemed like a normal couple. Emily met Sasha in Russia after she moved there. Sasha had two ex-wives and two children, and Emily became pregnant and convinced him to move to the United States. TLC also showed Sasha as an overbearing and weight-obsessed personal trainer. Emily has discussed unfair editing on TLC's part as well.

So, where are they now? It seems pretty clear the two are still together according to social media, so fans probably shouldn't expect any surprises.

Jasmin and Blake

Aerial view of Finland
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Jasmin and Blake had some ups and downs in Season 7. Jasmin had a hard time adjusting to life in the United States, especially because Blake is involved in the music industry and Jasmin, who is from Finland, does not like social events. She also had a problem with Blake's drinking and determined she did not want to work.

So, where are they now? Most likely, they are still together. Jasmin has posted photos from their wedding day on Instagram, so it seems things are working out.

Natalie and Mike

Aerial view of Kyiv
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Natalie and Mike had a lot of drama this season. Natalie never actually got her visa to move to the United States, so Mike went to visit her in Kyiv. During the visit, the two bickered about Natalie's need for Mike to join her religion. She also pushed the idea that she needs to have children immediately. Mike returned home with her engagement ring, and the status of their relationship was unclear.

Honestly, this relationship could go either way. There seem to be some real compatibility issues with this couple, so it does not seem likely to last.

Angela and Michael

Giphy | TLC

Last but not least, we've got Angela and Michael. Angela has been prone get "real" during these tell all episodes, so we can expect her to bring something to the show tonight.

This season, Angela traveled to Nigeria to see why Michael's visa has not been approved. She realizes that she might have to marry Michael in Nigeria rather than in the U.S. After three seasons on the show, the couple has not been married--at least on camera.

Newly leaked Instagram photos show that the couple may have actually gotten married in Nigeria. Will they reveal this on the tell-all?

Married couple smiling as confetti falls
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The 90 Day Fiance "Couples Tell All" episode airs February 16 at 8 p.m. EST on TLC. Part 2 airs February 17. In the first part, the couples will come together months after filming has completed to discuss life updates.

Fans everywhere are waiting to see who is together and if any of the couples have split up since filming ended. Has Mursel learned how to communicate with Anna's children (and Anna)? Has Tania stopped telling the world that Syngin is not her soulmate? Did Robert ever buy Anny the new clothes he promised her? Tonight, we just might get some answers.

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