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Shaun Robinson looks flawless in this zebra print dress with a spit by the side.

Shaun Robinson From '90 Day Fiance Tell All' Has Been Confined To A Hospital Bed

Gettyimages | Jon Kopaloff
By Favour

When it comes to '90 Day Fiance' Tell All, you can expect all the drama, fights and chaos. Yea! If you are into that kind of thing that is. Fans always anticipate the scenes from this show, seeing the couples fall in love with one another, fight and spread rumors among each other. However, they are in shock now as reports have confirmed that the show's host has been hospitalized. The details have not been disclosed fully, and no one knows it it is a serious case.

Shaun Robinson looks breath-taking as she dazzles in a grey dress as she gives a speech on stage.
Gettyimages | Alberto E. Rodriguez

For a long time now, Shaun Robinson has been the host of '90 Day Fiance' Tell All, and fans love everything about her. Although the show has had a good run for a long time now, unfortunately, NBC has announced that it is shutting the production company behind 'Tell All' down. This revelation hurt a lot of fans, but there is nothing they can do about it. The closing will also take its toll on a lot of workers, however, they have been promised positions at NBC Universal.

Shaun Robinson shines bright like a diamond in this orage outfit as she smiles to the camera.
Gettyimages | Robin L Marshall

No one knows what this announcement will mean for the show itself as there have been no reports of joining a new network to air more episodes. Also, it is unclear what this news will mean for the host, Shaun Robinson. She has been on the show for a while and has not disclosed what she will venture into after the show closes.

However, news outlets have made it clear that Robinson has been confined to a hospital bed and no one knows what is going on.


The television personality shares photos of herself in the hospital, and she had on the hospital gown. It was weird for a lot of fans because no one was expecting to see her that way. From the hospital gown she had on, it was clear that she did not just go to the hospital for a check-up, rather, she had been admitted. This had already given her fans the chills and made them scared, but seeing her was enough for them to know that whatever it was she was doing in the hospital, it was working.

Shaun Robinson looks breath-taking in this photo a she has on a blue dress that leaves nothing to imagination.
Gettyimages | Leon Bennett

The live host did not mention in her Instagram stories what was happening to her, but from the picture, it was clear that it was something serious. Robinson have several wires running through her dress to her chest area and her eye lids showed that she was very tired. However, like they say, people would not take pictures in the hospital if they were not winning their battles.

Another picture was uploaded to her stories and she asked for Netflix recommendations from her fans. so, it is safe to say that she is getting better.

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