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Halle Berry at a talk show

Halle Berry Is 'Her Own Damn Valentine' In Stunning Photo

Gettyimages | NBC
By Rebecca Cukier

Halle Berry's Valentine's Day post came late over on her Instagram. It also came solo, with the 53-year-old Oscar winner reminding the platform that she's her "own damn valentine."

Halle did make headlines over Valentine's Day for being spotted in L.A. shopping for her kids – given that The Daily Mail snapped the "Catwoman" actress with bagged toys and clothes in each arm, it did seem that the star had some kind of celebration on the cards.

Halle updated her Instagram on Saturday night with a stunning photo dedicated to the day of love, but no man (or woman) was with her.

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Literally Her 'Own Damn Valentine'

Halle Berry poses in a linen slip
Halle Berry/Instagram

Halle's photo showed her photographed close up and with her eyes closed in a blissful smile. The artsy shot featured a black background and edgy light finishes as the actress contrasted the black with a white ribbed top – Halle also appeared to be resting her head against a grainy stone surface with natural sunlight pouring across her face.

Shadows chopped the photo up, but Halle's beauty was crystal clear. She posed with her long wavy hair worn down and minimal makeup – just a little bronzed eyeshadow.

"When you're your own damn valentine, 2020 edition," she wrote.

'You Inspire Me So Much' – Fans Are In Love

Halle Berry/Instagram

Halle's photo didn't take long to rack up comments and likes – the latter sat at over 83,000 by Sunday morning.

"Glowing," one fan wrote.

"Beautiful," another said.

"You inspire me so much," a third chimed in.

One fan comment showed a fellow single person.

"Sometimes being on your own makes you a little more appreciative of yourself and it can also be well deserved. I'm alone and I don't need commercialization to define how I should feel about love," they told the star.

Three Marriages Behind Her

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez
Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

Halle has been married three times. 1992-1997 saw the star married to baseball player David Justice, with Halle taking out a restraining order against David after the split.

The early 2000s saw Halle married to songwriter Eric Benét, with Halle discovering that Eric was a sex addict and a cheat.

"I’ve learned that when I see a flag in a relationship next time, recognize it as a flag," she told Oprah in 2004.

Halle's final marriage was after she split from her relationship with model Gabriel Aubry – the two share a daughter – Halle then tied the knot with Olivier Martinez. The 2016-divorced couple shares a son named Maceo.

Rumors have swirled that the star might be dating personal trainer Peter Lee Thomas, but there's zero evidence of it.

'Learned' She Can Be Alone

Halle Berry at an event
Gettyimages | John Shearer

2017 saw the beginning of Halle publicly speaking about her confidence as a single woman. Speaking to People TV, Halle aired her thoughts.

“[I learned] that I can be alone… I’m facing my fears and I’m learning that I can conquer them. We have to live for ourselves and live for our own individual happiness," she said.

Another interview that same year saw the star admit that her failed relationships had taught her lessons.

"All of those relationships were necessary for me. We all come here with lessons that we have to learn, and those relationships provided me with lessons that got me to where I am right now. For that, I’m grateful. But it has been hard. It’s been a difficult part of my life," she stated.

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