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The Most Influential Songs of The Beatles

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By Alex Parisi

The Beatles were one of the biggest bands of all time. They released hit after hit during their run in the 60's, all while continuously reinventing themselves. Their songs and albums have inspired generations to try new and exciting things as well as push thousands of other artists and performers to push the creative envelope in order to fulfill their creative vision.

In this article, we will look at the most influential songs The Beatles have ever released in no particular order.

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The song "I Want to Hold Your Hand" is so incredibly simple lyrically. But when The Beatles released this song and showed how they could take a song about two lovers holding hands and make it into something special, the world definitely listened.

The upbeat music and beats mixed with a fun and energetic chorus were extremely contagious, and had fans everywhere singing along. This was only emphasized by when they performed the song live on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964.

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One of the most popular song written and sang by John Lennon was "Norwegian Wood" on the album Rubber Soul. This song had an almost folk-like sound to it all while telling a very intriguing story about John Lennon visiting a friend of his and staying the night.

However, the song wasn't as innocent as it originally sounded, as it was later confirmed by Lennon that the song was about him being unfaithful to his first wife. Despite the inspiration for the song it features smooth vocals and a catchy tune that makes singing along easy.

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The next song on the list was not a huge hit for The Beatles, but it was important for them and for rock and roll history because it uses the very first taping and tracking of backwards vocals.

The song simply titled "Rain" is a psychedelic song where the group sings about how much they enjoy rain. It has a very unique sound that has yet to be replicated. Some fans even think the backward vocals leave clues about the 'Paul is dead' conspiracy.

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Despite all of their incredible songs, none leaves a mark on the world as much as "A Day in the Life" on the Sgt. Peppers album. This song has long been regarded as the most influential rock song of all time.

It has a psychedelic intro sung by Lennon that makes the listener feel like they are on a trippy ride with the group. The middle bridge is then sung by McCartney, as a more upbeat condensed story. The outro is a phenomenal ending to the intro story, all while culminating in a massive crescendo that lasts 26 beats. The effect this song has had on popular music can still be felt.

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