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Busy Phillips Reveals Her Workout Routine: Including Bulletproof Coffee and Trampolines

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By Megan Prevost

Busy Phillips hasn't been in a ton of movies and television recently, but she has been featured in a few ad campaigns, such as the #MakeSpaceForWomen campaign that Olay ran during the Super Bowl.

She was also briefly a part of a project called Busy Tonight where she was the host, but it was quickly cancelled by E!

However, she didn't take the cancellation to heart, and instead promised that 2020 would be full of big projects. Apparently that includes a kicka** workout routine.

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Busy Phillips Keeps it Real


When her show, Busy Tonight was cancelled, she was very upfront about her emotions. Obviously, the show's cancellation came to a show to her.

She quickly took to Instagram to share her feelings about the show's cancellation. In her post, which contained multiple pictures documenting the process, including text conversations between her and the head of E!, she wrote,

"When I landed, my manager texted me to call her. Which I did. And she told me E! would not renew my show after the order was finished in a month. It was effectively cancelled."

Her Most Recent Work

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Her most recent ad campaign was in partnership with Olay. The commercial also featured Taraji P. Henson, Lily Singh, Katie Couric, and actual astronaut Nicole Stott.

The ad campaign promoted the feminist movement, making it clear that the world needed to start making space for women, especially in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields.

The campaign also promised to donate one dollar for every tweet that included the hashtag #MakeSpaceForWomen. The commercial ran on the night of the Super Bowl.

Busy's Workout Routine

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Almost 20 years ago, Phillips went to celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson after she was asked to lose weight for a role. She began high intensity workouts like spin class.

Even if she was annoyed at the fact that she was being forced to lose weight, she did find some aspects of fitness that she truly enjoyed.

Phillips doesn't do much "boring" exercise, most of the things she does are fun and exciting, like trampoline workouts that involve ankle and hand weights.

Finding What Works

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Phillips spoke about her attitude toward working out,

“I stopped weighing myself a long time ago because it was driving me crazy. I knew it was doing me a disservice on a daily basis,” she explains. She also makes sure that she shows off body confidence to her girls: “I’ll always like walk around in my underwear in front of my girls. I want them to see me comfortable in my body.”

She has admitted in the past that she's struggled with her own self-image, although it seems like she's working hard to change that.

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