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Amanda Bynes's Greatest Film Roles

Gettyimages | Jason Kempin
By Stephanie Elmir

Amanda Bynes is no longer an actress and is focusing on her fashion design career, having just graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Moreover, it seems she's engaged to a mystery man, and we wish her lots of love and happiness.

In this time of celebration, let's do exactly that by going down memory lane to her best film roles and their importance to pop culture. These teen flicks will remain forever blessed in film history.

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She's The Man


Starring alongside Channing Tatum, Bynes plays Viola disguised as her twin brother Sebastian in this interpretation of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night". A genius modern adaption, Bynes's comedic style flourishes onscreen and compliments everyone's confusion with her oddball personality.

The film has her crossdressing to prove to herself and her ex-boyfriend that she's capable of playing on a men's soccer team. While managing that, college, and crushing on her roommate who thinks she's a guy, this film is chaotic in the best way.

What A Girl Wants


"What A Girl Wants" has to be one of the greatest teen flicks -- top ten at least -- as Bynes stars alongside Academy Award winner Colin Firth. Firth has always been portrayed as a dreamboat love interest, but in this film, his awkward straight man compliment's his estranged daughter's wacky and sentimental nature.

Bynes as Daphne craves her father Henry Dashwood's affection, and although he wants to understand and make up for lost time, he's pressured to focus on his career in politics.


Gettyimages | Jason Kempin

Bynes plays Penny Pingleton in this remake of "Hairspray" the musical, an American cornerstone with commentary on fatphobia and racism in 1962 Baltimore. Alongside stars like Zac Efron, Christopher Walker, Queen Latifah, and John Travolta, Bynes shines as Nicki Blonski's best friend and confidante.

Much like her other roles, Penny is sweet and kooky. She falls in love with another black high schooler although her mother is racist and against the relationship. Love wins in the end, and so does Penny.

Easy A

"Easy A" stars Emma Stone in her own teen flick vehicle, but Bynes is her hardcore Christian antagonist, Marianne. Unlike her other roles, Bynes is a mean girl with holy intentions to cleanse the high school of Stone's character Olive's 'slutty' ways.

A story about slut-shaming, betrayal, friendships, and the high school rumor mill, Bynes shows her range as the main conflict heightens. Her character means well but slanders an innocent classmate to protect her religious values and indoctrinate other students to the same harmful behavior.

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