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Kate Winslet

Absurd Details About a Sex Scene in 'Titanic' Involving Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet

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By Alan Blake

Kate Winslet is an award-winning actor who has starred in films, taking both comic and dramatic roles. The actress has been in the industry for about two decades but made the legacy which she lives on from the film ‘Titanic’ with Leonardo DiCaprio, which was the biggest of motion-pictures.

Questions about her memorable moments from the massive film still come from her fans, although the star never minds sharing with them, perhaps given that it was her big break film, which has seen her remain at the industry’s top.

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Kate Winslet Talks about 'Titanic' Scenes


Kate Winslet and DiCaprio were the stars of the film, and as she revealed, filming it was quite troublesome, adding that they did ridiculous stuff. She described some of the love scenes they did, and she seemingly loved them, going ahead to confess she was remorseful when the scenes came to an end.

The lad who happens to be younger, leaned on her a couple of times while tickling and winding her up, acts that she reciprocated, at times even grabbing his butt.

Kate Winslet on the Infamous Love Scene

Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio
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With the film released in the 90s, Winslet may never have imagined her love scenes would remain so iconic to the present times. As she revealed, fans ask a lot about her nude pictures, although she refuses to autograph as it would make her uncomfortable.

She, however, did not have romantic feelings for DiCaprio but confesses it was an enjoyable experience to feel it in the scene. She recounts how lovely it was, but the camera stopped and they had to go.

Winslet Confesses to Feeling Low Sometimes

Leonardo Di Caprio
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Although the film played a great deal in her career and the current celebrity status, the actress at times feels low rather than thrilled with what the movie made her achieve. She mainly feels low with the affiliation she has with ‘Titanic,’ and more so when people precisely quote the notorious scene. She, however, still appreciates her fans and their devotion.

Kate has an obvious fondness to dramas, and perhaps the reason her sex scene only bothers her a little.

Kate Winslet’s Acting Career Debut

Kate Winslet
Gettyimages | Mike Windle

Kate, who hails from England, was born in 1975 and brought up in a family of actors. Her family, therefore, was the main reason behind her decision to pursue the same career at a tender age.

She began taking roles in commercial while a teenager, and eventually found a role in ‘Dark Season,’ the BBC Drama, and later in Peter Jackson’s ‘Heavenly Creature,’ a psychological drama. Her role in Sense and Sensibility of the 90s saw her receive accolades, although she had worked on a couple of shows already.

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