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Meghan Markle Influencing Healthier Habits on Prince Harry Amid Move to North America

Gettyimages | Chris Jackson
By Zachary Holt

Meghan Markle has always been a person who tried to eat super healthy and ensure that she got an adequate amount of exercise and meditation time. Prince Harry, though? Not so much.

For the Duke of Sussex, he was more known to indulge in a little bit of partying and smoke his beloved Marlboro cigarettes. Well, those unhealthy habits seem to be drastically changing since the couple's decision to relinquish their roles as senior members of the royal family and move to North America.

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Meghan's Healthy Habits Are Beginning to Rub Off On Prince Harry

Gettyimages | Chris Jackson

An insider speaking with Entertainment Tonight recently shared that Prince Harry was 'really taking to the West Coast lifestyle'. The source also shared that Meghan's health-conscious lifestyle was beginning to rub off on her husband. "Meghan has always been very health-conscious," the source said of the Duchess of Sussex. "Her healthy habits are rubbing off on Harry too."

It's previously been reported that since the couple first started dating in 2016, Prince Harry has gradually taken on more of a plant-based diet, following the lead of Meghan.

The Couple Enjoys Getting Out in Nature and Going on Extended Hikes

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The couple isn't just transforming their dietary habits. They also enjoy getting out in nature and going on hikes. "Being able to hike with friends, Archie, and their dogs in Canada is a simple pleasure that they love," the source said.

According to the insider, the ability of Prince Harry and Meghan to isolate themselves in nature is helping them get over the fiasco that was their departure from the United Kingdom. "Their time on Vancouver Island over the holidays helped to confirm that they were making the right decision to step down from royal responsibilities," the source revealed.

Royal Expert Reports Meghan's Morning Ritual of Yogas Is Being Picked Up By Prince Harry

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It also seems that Meghan's fitness routines and her love of yoga have also begun to rub off on Prince Harry. In March of 2018, the royal expert, Katie Nicholl, reported on Markle's active lifestyle while the couple was still living across the Atlantic and how it's influenced the Duke of Sussex.

"Meghan is a complete fitness fanatic. She loves to run laps around Kensington Gardens, which is just outside Kensington Palace ... and she loves her yoga," Nicholl explained. "In fact, she starts most mornings with a yoga ritual and that's rubbed off on Prince Harry."

'Meghan And Her Green L.A. Lifestyle, I Think, Have Really Rubbed Off On The Prince'

Gettyimages | Pool/Samir Hussein

Continuing to speak about yoga, Nicholl shared Prince Harry's reported new routine that involved morning sessions, accompanied by green juice, and trips to the gym to work out.

"One of the things I was told by a friend of [Harry] is that he's also getting into yoga. He likes to start his day with a green juice now, just like Meghan, and his friends all find this very amusing that he's turned into a bit of a fitness fanatic himself," she shared.

"You'll often see him visiting the gym and he's given up his beloved Marlboro Lights, or at least he's smoking less and he's drinking less. So Meghan and her green L.A. lifestyle, I think, have really rubbed off on the Prince, and for the better," she concluded.

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