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Adele Is Loving Life After Losing 100 Pounds, Source Shares She's 'Never Felt Better'

Gettyimages | Kevork Djansezian
By Zachary Holt

While Adele has been known for her award-winning songwriting and performances since she jumped on the scene, people also have affiliated her with being more on the heavy side, whether that's right or wrong.

But for Adele, she has felt compelled to make health and lifestyle changes in the last several months, which have resulted in the singer losing an eye-popping amount of weight, to the tune of 100 pounds.

And while many people have become increasingly worried about her rapid weight loss, sources close to Adele have shared that she's happier than ever and living the life she never thought was possible.

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Source Reveals Adele Has 'Never Felt Better In Her Life' with New Body

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An insider close to the Grammy-winning artist provided some insight into how Adele is feeling in her new body amid the massive weight loss.

"Adele has never felt better in her life," the revealed to HollywoodLife. "She’s glowing on the outside and that is a direct reflection of how good she feels on the inside. It has taken her so much hard work and determination, she’s totally transformed her lifestyle."

The source also shared that Adele is doing things that she previously would laugh at, giving a nod to the carefree life she's now enjoying.

Adele Is Doing Things That She Used to Laugh At, Loving Life

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

"She does all the L.A. stuff she used to laugh at now, and she’s loving it," the source continued. "She drinks green juice, she hikes, she does Pilates. She has personal trainers. She won’t admit that she likes working out but she makes time for it one way or another pretty much every day."

But for Adele, her desire to transform her body and life weren't just steeped in vanity. In fact, there were bigger implications at play, including being healthy for herself and her son, Angelo.

The Primary Reason For Adele's Drastic Transformation Revealed

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When Adele was at her heaviest, she was constantly tired and couldn't provide quality time with Angelo. Now, according to a source, she's more energized than ever, allowing her to interact with her son in a way she hasn't been able to before.

"She used to get tired very easily and now she has so much energy," the source revealed. "And she needs it to keep up with her son, he’s 7 and a half and always on the go like most boys his age. She’s overjoyed that she made these changes for herself and for him."

People On Social Media Are Conflicted on What to Think About Weight Loss

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Fans began to notice the drastic changes Adele was making to her body when she was seen attending her friend Drake's birthday party. And while many people were quick to compliment her on the amazing results from her dedication to maintaining a healthier lifestyle, others were more worried.

One user on Twitter applauding the singer's transformation shared, "I love the transformed Adele. She is extremely beautiful. Her trainer said at some point she was only having a green juice on a strict diet. Well done, Adele."

Another was a bit disturbed, though, commenting, "I don’t know who this thin woman is but it’s not Adele." Wherever you stand on her new look, you can't fault her for becoming healthier for herself and her son, no matter how you look at it.

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