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Kate Winslet at an event

Years Later Kate Winslet Still Has A Thriving Acting Career

Gettyimages | Daniel Zuchnik
By Aja

While some actors don't leave a lasting mark on Hollywood, others are just timeless. Kate Winslet is just one of the few actresses who've earned the title as one of the most unforgettable talents in Hollywood. Her iconic role as Rose DeWitt in the 1997 film Titanic has made the actress a Hollywood treasure. At just 44 years-old, the actress has lived a long successful career and still has offers rolling in. In 2020, Kate Winslet will continue to bless our screens with her unmatched talent!

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Breaking Into The Acting Business

Kate Winslet on the red carpet
Gettyimages | Mike Windle

Oscar-winner Kate Winslet got her start in the acting world at just age 7, appearing in several cereal commercials and British productions. Then in 1994 she landed her first film debut in Heavenly Creatures. However, Winslet's career didn't start gaining momentum until she starred in the 1995 period drama Sense & Sensibility. The film helped the actress gain her first Academy Award nomination. Winslet won a second Oscar nomination for her 1997 Titanic film. Since then, Kate Winslet has starred in other films such as the 2008 film The Reader. In recent years, Winslet has appeared in several offbeat films.

Winslet's Documentary On Living A Plant-Based Lifestyle

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCarprio at 2020 Oscars
Gettyimages | Christopher Polk

Speaking of starring in offbeat projects, Kate Winslet is lending her voiceover skills to upcoming documentaries. She will narrate alongside long-time friend Leonardo DiCaprio in the 2020 pro-vegan documentary Eating Our Way To Extinction. A Vegetarian herself, Winslet is in full support of the film's mission to ‘expose the true cost of eating animals’, and its focus on issues around compassion, environment, health and economics. It's been a while since audiences have seen the Titanic stars together on a project, especially one as serious as this.

Winslet Will Star In the "Black Beauty" Reboot

The "Black Beauty" Theatrical play
Gettyimages | LMPC

Kate Winslet seems to always make conscious choices when comes to selecting new film projects. That's apart of what makes a great actress. Next on her list of big-time acting gigs is the reboot of Black Beauty, in which Winslet will voice the part of the iconic wild horse. Seems like the actress is getting a lot offers to do voiceovers these days. It'll be interesting to see how this version of the movie will differ from others in the past. If anyone can do a good remake of Anna Sewell's Black Beauty, it's Winslet and her co-star Mackenzie Foy!

She's Teaming Up With James Cameron Again

James Cameron at special event for "Avatar"
Gettyimages | Michael Tullberg

With so many movies underway already for the actress, it seems like Winslet's career is growing by the minute. If fans thought her role in the upcoming Black Beauty was something to cheer about, then wait till they see Winslet in Avatar 2. James Cameron knew his long-time friend would agree to star in the film, especially given their work partnership together. The director and actress made movie magic on the 1997 Titanic and will do it again in Avatar 2. NME reports that the actress will mostly perform "underwater scenes as she is set to play one of the sea people or specifically, the Reel People." That'll be cool to see Winslet play an entirely different character.

Let's Talk About That HBO Series

Kate Winslet at special event
Gettyimages | Rich Fury

In addition to her long list of upcoming film projects, Winslet is set to star in and be the executive producer of the 2020 HBO series Mare Of Easttown. Not only can the actress do great voiceover work, act and narrate documentary series', but she's also now a director. The Oscar-winner will play as a "small-town Pennsylvania detective whose left to investigate a local murder, whilst her personal life falls apart." The series will finish wrapping up shooting on Memorial Day of this year and have a release date set for sometime in 2021. Kate Winslet's career just keeps getting better with age!

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