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James Brown

Was James Brown Murdered? A District Attorney in Atlanta May be Opening an Investigation Soon

Gettyimages | Gareth Cattermole
By Clarissa Wilson

James Brown died on Christmas day in 2006. The Godfather of Soul, as everyone called him, was 73 when he died. It has been a little over 14 years since Brown died and now many members of his close friends and family are calling for his death to be investigated. They want to determine if it may be true about whether or not Brown was murdered instead of dying from his illnesses back then.

James Brown had been performing before his death seeing as how he was relatively healthy. The night he passed away, the staff at the hospital were all surprised when he died.

James Brown
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Brown didn't even know anything was wrong with his health until the day he walked into his dentist's office and the dentist refused to perform the procedure that was planned because he said he 'looked weak and tired.' According to a report, the dentist told him to seek medical help right away.

On December 23, 2006, Brown was admitted to the hospital. He was admitted for congestive heart failure. They also found traces of cocaine in his system when they admitted him. He was also suffering from the effects of pneumonia.

James Brown
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Although it seemed like he was really sick when he was admitted to the hospital, once he was given the medications he needed his vital signs seemed to improve and he seemed fine. On Christmas Eve, there were several visits to Brown in his hospital room. Out of the several people visiting him, among them were his assistant and his manager. However, a nurse reported that after his visitors stepped out, one other person entered his room. It was an unknown man. After that visit, Brown's vital signs started to go downhill. The man was never identified and has still not been identified.

James Brown
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Although Brown seemed to be getting better on Christmas Eve, he died the following day. his cause of death was determined to be heart failure. Not too long after he died his body was sent to Apollo Theater in Harlem for viewing by his close friends and family.

Once it was time for his body to be taken from the Theater to be laid in his final resting place, his children and widow fought over where he would be buried for two months.

James Brown
Gettyimages | Evening Standard

They finally came to an agreement on a place of burial but chose to keep it confidential. Because of this, no one knows where he is buried and probably never will.

Although the family finally came to an agreement on where to bury him two months after his death, they are still fighting over his estate. Brown was worth an estimated $100 million and his family is still fighting over who gets what and how much.

There have also been several paternity cases that have come up since he died in 2006.

James Brown
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The only thing, since they came to an agreement on where to finally lay his body to rest, that the family does agree on now is that things seem suspicious and maybe foul play was involved in his death.

Because of this, a district attorney in Atlanta has agreed to look over the evidence and then decide to open an investigation if one is warranted for it. This sudden interest in investigating the death of James Brown comes after a so-called superfan of his and a woman who accused him of raping her back in 1988.

James Brown
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This so-called superfan insists she was raped by Brown at gunpoint in a secluded part of South Carolina. Also, a report states that this unknown woman has a huge collection of James Brown memorabilia. She has so much memorabilia of Brown that most of it have filled different storage lockers. His family is desperate to get a hold of all of this memorabilia.

This unknown superfan of Brown's brought in some evidence that may be proof that he was murdered. Once the district attorney from Atlanta looks over the evidence from the unknown superfan of his, she will determine whether or not to begin an investigation into the mysterious death of James Brown.

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