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Four Times Rihanna's Love Life Was "Rocky"

Gettyimages | Steven Ferdman
By Rima Pundir

Rihanna does not bear fools, except when she dated Chris Brown that is. One of the richest and most powerful women in music today, Rihanna's love life has been far from stable. She has been linked to a dozen men even though she dated less than half of them, and is known to field questions about her love life with cutting wit and sarcasm, often pointed at the unfortunate journalist who dares to ask her a silly question. But now, she really is a "single lady"!

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Billionaire Boyfriend No Longer

Gettyimages | Ben Gabbe

Supposedly the love of her life, RiRi quietly broke up with her Saudi billionaire boyfriend Hassan Jameel. This after all of 2019 Rihanna spend gushing about him, on how he might be the one for her. Sources even pointed out how she could not wait to be a mother and that her baby bump might be there for the world to see pretty soon. Still others talked about how 2020 might be the year RiRi walks down the aisle. Now, all the speculation is moot.

Bad Luck With Brown

Gettyimages | Christopher Polk

Once, Chris Brown and Rihanna were the most talked about couple in the music industry and seemed oh-so-sweetly in love. Of course then rumors surfaced about the abuse going on, with Rihanna seen with bruises. Things finally came to head when Rihanna went public with it all, exposing Brown for the abuser he was. Strangely enough, Brown and Rihanna did get back together with her publically forgiving him, but nothing really came out of it. Not that it was a bad thing.

Shia LaBeouf And Travis Scott Too

Gettyimages | Victor Boyko

Rihanna's first linkup was with Shia LaBeouf but it did not go anywhere for what Shia later called a lack of chemistry. Sometime before Travis Scott became Kylie Jenner's baby daddy, he was painting the town red with RiRi. Of course, nothing came out of it and things amicably fizzled out between the duo with them continuing to work together over the years. Another Rihanna conquest was Leonardo DiCaprio when the duo steamed it up at a party. Again, it fizzled out without a fuss.

Drake or A$AP Rocky?

Gettyimages | Samir Hussein

Drake has been a regular fixture in Rihanna's life with them being on-again-off-again from 2009 to 2016. Since 2016, the Drake-Rihanna drama died down when she shacked up with Hassan Jameel instead. Now that RiRi is single again, and seemingly spotted with Asap Rocky now more than ever, is this going to be the next love match for her? Or will she be hooking up with Drake again? Time will tell if 2020 is going to be rocky for Rihanna, or all smooth sailing.

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