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'Gold Rush' Star Dave Turin Strikes Big Gold In New Season of Discovery Spinoff

By Gary Trock

"Gold Rush" star Dave Turin is continuing his quest to search some of America's oldest abandoned mine sites in hopes of discovering a huge payday, and in the second season of his spinoff show he may have already hit paydirt. The Blast obtained an exclusive sneak peek of the second season premiere of "Dave Turin's Lost Mine" as he heads to Montana with his eager crew. Turin is well-known for his time spent on Discovery's "Gold Rush," where he worked alongside OG gold miner Todd Hoffman.

'That's The Biggest Nugget I've Ever Panned!'


"Last year I proved you could still go out in these abandoned mines and still find gold," Turin says in the clip from Discovery.

He adds, "In Montana alone there are around 3,500 abandoned mines.

In the exclusive clip, Turin is seen panning for gold as he tests the nearby land for a hint of the shiny stuff, and he appears to find exactly what he was looking for.

"That's the biggest nugget I've ever panned!" Turin excitedly shouts to his crew as they see big dollars on the horizon.

The Big Gamble

Giphy | Discovery

According to Discovery, Turin has given himself a hefty goal as he sets out on the season.

"The stakes couldn’t be any higher as Dave and his team go up against the clock in a search for gold before the winter freezes the land out completely. If that wasn’t difficult enough, Dave has set a gold target of 400 ounces this year ($600,000 at today’s price) with his crew entrusting his ability to find gold by becoming partners with him."

Years of Hard Work


Dave Turin has been a fan-favorite on "Gold Rush" for years, and spent most of his time working on the crew of Todd Hoffman, who left the show a few years back.

While working with Hoffman, Turin earned the nickname "Dozer Dave" after spending countless hours behind the controls on the crew's bulldozers, as well as being an expert in just about everything having to do with the giant earth-moving machines.

After years of working underneath other bosses, Turin finally broke out on his own and put his knowledge to the ultimate test.

"Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine" returns for its second season on Friday, February 21 at 9 PM ET/PT on Discovery.

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