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Jameela Jamil looks breath-taking in this blue dress covered with black chiffon and her smile is amazing.

Jameela Jamil Slams Tracie Egan Morrissey With The 'Stalker' Accusation

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Jameela Jamil does not seem to want to go down without a fight as she is yearning for everyone to hear her side of the story. The English actress, was accused by Tracie Egan Morrissey for being a stalker. However, Jamil says that none of this is true.

Early in the week, Morrissey shared an Instagram story for her fans, in which she mentioned that Jamil had a sickness called "Munchausen syndrome." This is known as a mental problem or disorder that makes people put up a front when it comes to their physical or mental physique, for the purpose of attention.

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Morrissey also went on to say that the actress was a stalker and she wanted the whole world to know the truth. Hearing what Morrissey had to say, Jamil became defensive, saying that the accusations were all lies, and she needed to tell her side of the story.

As if the Instagram story wasn't enough tantrum, Morrissey also alleged that Jamil sent private messages to her DM, which she shared on Pot Psychology Patreon Account. Fans were stunned by the messages as they proved what Morrissey was saying.

Jameel Jamil shares a wonderful smile to the audience during an interview as she is caught on camera unawares.
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In the message, Jamil mentioned that she had once battle mental illness, and was facing a global backlash from the world. She also asked Morrissey how she uses her time. Furthermore, Jamil talked about Morrissey using her Instagram post to spit vile things about her.

"You're just trying to kick a woman when she's down." Jamil said.

From the message, anyone could tell that Jamil was getting tired of the backlash on social media and wanted it to stop as soon as possible.

Jameel Jamil looks amazing in this mint-green dress that leaves nothing to imagination.
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After hearing what Morrissey had to say, Jamil told Morrissey via Twitter, to speak to her over the phone and then, Morrissey sent her phone number.

Speaking to Page Six, Morrissey mentioned that she has never known Jamil personally until their spat on social media. She also dismissed any accusations labeling her a stalker. She went on to say that Jamil, who called her a stalker, sent her private messages on social media two different times without asking her first.

Jameela Jamil stuns brilliantly in a low-cut black dress with flowery edges.
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Also, Morrissey reported that all the banter on social media kicked off when Jamil openly disclosed that she was queer, however, she b lamed the public for her revelation. After this, Morrissey also mentioned that there have been several people in the past, who have revealed that Jamil did the same thing to them, however, she has not disclosed any.

"The only thing I've done is posted screenshots and clips of things she (Jamil) said in interviews and her own social media. Morrissey said.

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