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Jennifer Lawrence poses for photographers at the "Dark Phoenix' premier

Jennifer Lawrence Dishes About Her First Sex Scene With Chris Pratt

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By Chris Barilla

Jennifer Lawrence has never been known to restrain herself when it came to dishing about her personal life, and, granted, that has fit her personality quite well as she became a household name for her award-winning acting roles. However, as of late, she has been relatively low key, having just got married, it seems as though the famous personality has weened off ever so slightly.

Nonetheless, the loveable actress' most notable bungle of the last few years was her involvement in the film 'Passengers,' and the equally awkward sex scene with Chris Pratt.

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When it was initially teased, hype surrounding 'Passengers' was quite high, given that at the time both Lawrence and Pratt were at the heights of their respective fame and combining the two of them in one blockbuster film was thought to be a perfect match up for the landscape of the time.

The scene that was initially shown to the public depicted Lawrence going for a swim aboard a spaceship. The ship then loses gravity, and with the lack of gravity, the liquid forms itself into a sphere, encapsulating Lawrence.

Jennifer Lawrence photographed speaking publicly
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Her and Pratt are both supposed to be in a deep state of sleep on a spaceship, but a storm that they encounter results in a malfunction that causes Pratt to wake up significantly earlier than he is supposed to wake up.

He then spends a year completely by himself. Once he spots Lawrence, he wakes her up prematurely and falls in love with her. While doing this though, he lies about his intentions and effectively kills both of them given the situation.

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence photographed together
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Viewers were quick to point out several gaping flaws in the storyline, as well as ethical issues. Many considered the basis of Pratt's character's actions to largely resemble date rape and although the film was only rated PG-13 and thus didn't explicitly show anything crude, the ideas insinuated by the character's actions were enough to lead viewers to that conclusion.

Lawrence, while reflecting on the film to Entertainment Weekly, said, "there was just stuff that I wished I’d looked into deeper before jumping on."


Then, in an interview with Seth Meyers, Lawrence opened up even further about her first time portraying intimacy on the big screen, saying, "Pratt’s the best, but I was so nervous. I was paranoid about coming across as a predator, for one, because in sex scenes, you don’t know what to do. Is it enough? But your worst nightmare is, it’s too much?"

Despite the controversy, 'Passengers' did surprisingly well upon its release, nearly tripling the money initially invested into it with over $300 million grossed worldwide.

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