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A List of Our 'Couple Goals' This Valentines Day

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By kenadijiba

As much as countless singles out there try to distract themselves from the fact that it is “Valentines Day”, it is impossible to avoid. Inevitably whether you are on the interwebs scrolling down your Facebook timelines, or trying to get in and out of a Walmart like an assassin you will end up seeing some type of love centered product, or pair. The idea that being single should coincide with loneliness is a negative stigma that should die, along with terribly made romcoms.

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It's "Valentine's Day"

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To lighten the spirits no pun intended although you should definitely grab a glass of wine if you are feeling oh so sad, here is a quick rundown on a few beloved power couples that made us all believe in the hype of romance even if our souls are never-ending black holes. Also, after taking the time to feel good as you reminisce over this group of cute angels, please go onto some streaming site and turn on “The Notebook” with popcorn at your side and chocolate in your mouth. You might regret it but hey it beats crying into a dirty tissue.

Brad and Angelina

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One of the worlds greatest couples of all time has to be Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Now, obviously the couple had their fair share of controversy and constant tabloid scrutiny but after watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith maybe it was worth it. The steamy chemistry between these two Hollywood sex symbols was nothing short of a blessing to all human kind, and the fact that they reigned supreme as the top power couple for a decent amount of time almost is enough to forget that they now are divorced.

Barack and Michelle Obama

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Next on the list is the couple by the people for the people. If anyone needs hope revived that true love like in the Disney movies exists, Michelle and Barack Obama have granted your wish. Their story of meeting one another in such a simple way and then building such a powerful union is one for the books. Hell, there was even a film about it starring Tika Sumpter called “Southside With You”. Their humble dedication to one another is inspirational on some many levels and has even the worst of commitment phobes ready to say I do.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

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The last pair on the list is none other than Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. This unorthodox coupling was not necessarily given the greatest welcoming, but their ability to withstand all conflicts and come out stronger is what has people obsessed with their beautiful dynamic. The couple's recent move from England in order to maintain their family structure for son Archie has everyone excited for their future. Known as the rebel team of the pack these two are the watered-down versions of our generations modern-day Bonnie and Clyde.

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