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Did Wendy Williams Insult The Gay Community?

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By kenadijiba

Oh, Dear Ms. Wendy Williams has dug herself into another sticky situation which isn't really of surprise to anyone who remotely follows her. The carelessness with her wordplay and at times “mean spirited” opinions have destroyed many celebrity egos. In fact she probably makes Kim Kardashian ugly cry at least once a month, and although her face while tearing up is one of the most iconic memes known to mankind it still isn't something we all wish for. Even with Wendy traditionally going after these well to do A listers, normal people don't really come after her. So, that's why when her most recent comments didn't go down too well with a certain group of supporters people decided to pay attention.

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Criticism Of Gay Men

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If there is one rule that every business oriented human being knows, it is to never piss off your base. The demographic of people who watch “Wendy Williams” is mostly made up of women, and gay men . Why Wendy would make such an offensive statement towards the latter of those two groups is beyond comprehension. The comment also didn't look to be a slip up of sorts. When saying that basically gay men need to realize they are not women, her conviction was overtly present.

Insulting Her Base

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As she brushed it off with her niche humor her audience didn't seem to get it. Her saying that was also unprompted. The conversation during hot topics was not even brushing that type of discussion so the randomness of it all had fans perplexed. Ironically Wendy has been at liberty to let it all hang out and just let her opinions truly fly without concern over the pushback. Just this year she has already had issues with her handling of Jaoquin Phoenix and his cleft lip, Nene Leakes and her private drama, and the back and forth with Howard Stern.

Bounce Back Of The Century


Wendy and her bounce back after that very public and treacherous ordeal with her ex husband Kevin Hunter has clearly propelled massive changes in her life. With her son out of the house and in college as well as being newly divorced, Wendy did have a successful “hot girl summer” that was documented all throughout social media. As a woman in her 50’s it is nice that Wendy can serve as a powerful example of how a woman can turn her frailty into an unbreakable force.

Negative Stories

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As negative stories continue to pile up against William’s fans wonder if she will keep on with the show. Some believe she is bored with it at times and just redirects everything back to her personal life which in all honesty is not why people choose to tune in. What people at the end of the day look to the gossip queen for is the tea, and what the word on the street is. If she can't sit in the pink chair and deliver that, then maybe it's time to close the curtains.

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