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The Duggar Family

Kendra Duggar Comes Under Fire By Fans After New Video Concerns Some

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By Jennifer Passmore

It always seems like there is something going on in the Duggar family. Whether it be something to do with their parents, or something else. It seems like one member of family or the other is always embroiled in some kind of scandal. The latest is with Kendra Duggar and a certain post that she made on Instagram. It is a video of her two children. That is literally it, but fans are losing their collective minds over it for some reason.

Child 1: Garrett David Duggar

Baby Feet
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Joe Duggar and Kendra Caldwell got married on September 8, 2017. They announced their first pregnancy in November 2017. Their first child, a boy, Garrett David Duggar was born on June 8, 2018. The couple was over the moon when the little boy came into their lives. Little Garrett is now 2 years old. Less than a year later, they announced that they were expecting another child together. On April 11, they said, "We are ready to double the fun at our house!"

Child 2: Addison Renee Duggar

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When the couple announced their second pregnancy, some fans were shocked and surprised. But the overall mood was that they were happy for the couple. Plus, in the Duggar household, the more kids the better, right? Kendra gave birth to Addison Renee Duggar on November 2, 2019. The family regularly shares photos and videos of their family and their children via Instagram and their website. So, it seems a cute shot taken by Kendra has some fans up in arms.

What Is The Video?

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The video is simply Garrett playing around with his little sister. But there is a zip-up car seat cover on Addison's car seat. He was just merely enjoying the presence of his little sister, and with mom Kendra right there with the camera, we are pretty sure that nothing bad would've happened to little Addison. While there were plenty of encouraging comments with advice for the couple, there were also other rather rude and nasty comments on the post as well.

A Zipper

Baby Feet
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The caption to the Instagram post Kendra posted read "This just melts my heart❤️I just love seeing these two love on each other! The small moments are the best😍" In the video, Garrett can be seen making his little sister laugh by zipping and unzipping the cover. While Addison is only three months old, again, it is pretty certain that nothing bad would have happened with mom being right next to her kids, watching them. She was simply enjoying the moment.

The Comments

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Some of the comments read, "Very cute, Please be careful the zipper doesn’t catch her face." Another wrote, "So adorable, just watch her cheeks don’t get zipped up!" Yet another person said, "Very cute, but he almost got her face in the zipper." Others actually came to Kendra's aid, saying, "It's not your concern worry about your own people I’m sure she is literally right there." With another fan saying, "My son and daughter are the same age and he does the exact same thing to my daughter when she is in her car seat."

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