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Roger Federer Is GQ's 'Most Stylish Man of the Decade' and Here's Why

Gettyimages | Cameron Spencer
By Zachary Holt

Roger Federer will go down in the history books as one of the best tennis players to have ever lived. After all, the tennis legend has eight Wimbleton titles to his name, among a long list of Grand Slams and other tournament wins. But Federer has something also going for him: his style.

Federer is known to be a sharp dresser and, in fact, so much so, that he was recently given the title of 'Most Stylish Man of the Decade' by GQ Magazine. Here are the reasons why he beat out the likes of David Beckham, LeBron James, among a litany of other contenders.

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GQ: 'Roger Has Been Dressing Like a Champ For a Full Decade'

Gettyimages | Graham Denholm

When Federer isn't seen wearing crisp white athletic attire on the court, you can bet seeing him wearing a classic, handmade suit. But the defining factor that gave him the title? Consistency. "Roger has been dressing like a champ for the full decade," the outlet wrote. "At 38, he knows what it takes to show up and look good.

Ironically, the tennis legend wasn't always keen about wearing suits and fashionable clothing. Sure, it's become easier over the years with almost $640 million in earnings, but it wasn't always the case for the Swiss native.

Federer Hasn't Always Been Comfortable with Suits, Fashionable Clothing

Gettyimages | Clive Brunskill

Speaking to Tennis View Magazine, Federer shared that wearing suits wasn't something he liked to do from the beginning. "I felt very uncomfortable in suits when I was younger," he revealed.

"So what I just started doing was wearing suits whenever I went to dinner. I used to overdress … but eventually, I got used to wearing suits. And after a while, I found that I really enjoyed buying and wearing beautiful clothing. Nowadays I’m as happy in a formal suit as a tracksuit."

Becoming a Successful Tennis Player Took Time to Adjust to for Federer


Federer's appeal from his dress is met equally with his success on the court. Currently, he's ranked as the number three ranked singles player in the world and has a number of prestigious wins to name. Much like having to get used to wearing suits and expensive clothing, Federer also had to ease into his success with tennis.

"Winning eight [Wimbledons] is not something you can ever aim for, in my opinion," he told The Washington Post. "… I was really just a normal guy growing up in Basel [Switzerland], hoping to make a career on the tennis tour. I guess I dreamed, I believed, and really hoped that I could actually really do it, you know, to make it real."

Federer Could Become the First Billionaire Tennis Player By End of 2020

Gettyimages | Clive Brunskill

If Federer's success, not only on the court, but in the fashion world and with endorsements over the last decade is any indication, the tennis legend could see himself as the first billionaire in the sport.

According to Tennis World, Federer brought in $86.4 million just in endorsements alone this past year with one deal inking him $300 million over the course of ten years. If he is able to continue the trend of raking in money, it's projected that he'll be the first billionaire tennis player by the end of 2020. Not bad, especially with the tournament wins and GQ title to boot.

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