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Jason Momoa poses in front of an Apple TV+ logo

Yes, Jason Momoa Can Be Your Date This Valentine's Day

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison
By Natalie Hunter

Single ladies and gentlemen can rejoice this Valentine's Day because they don't have to be alone! According to Bored Panda, an artist named Maurizio Campidelli created an adult coloring book full of pictures of Jason Momoa just in time for Valentine's Day. The book is called “Crush and Color: Jason Momoa: A Coloring Book of Fantasies With an Epic Dreamboat” and features pictures of the 'Aquaman' star walking dogs, mowing a lawn, surfing, horseback riding and any other sexy activity you can imagine.


Bored Panda spoke with therapist Dr. Rachel Brandoff on the benefits of adult coloring books. “Benefits of coloring that we have identified, both anecdotally and through research, include stress relief, distraction, mental escape, focusing or mindful engagement, and for some people enjoyment and fun,” she explained.

Brandoff continued: “While art therapy can foster these same benefits, it is more likely that a person engaging in art therapy has larger goals in mind, such as enhancing communication with self and/or others, processing trauma, facilitating decision-making, increasing self-awareness, developing coping skills, and understanding optimal and maladaptive functioning which might pertain to symptoms that tie to a life experience, relationship, loss or illness.”


“These types of goals really require the presence, guidance, and support of a trained therapist, whereas stress reduction and mental escapism are comfortably in the domain of something that one can engage in on their own at home,” Dr. Brandoff added.

“To help understand the difference, I use metaphors. Consider the distinction between a) owning a brush and brushing your hair at home, and b) going to a salon and having your hair cut and styled by a professional," she continued.


Both are good, and both serve similar goals, but if you have a need for a professional haircut, brushing your hair at home just won’t achieve that,” she added.

“Another metaphor could be the distinction between a) engaging in stretching at home and b) going to a chiropractor. They may seem similar in approach and goal (e.g. optimal physical functioning), and while stretching at home can have an enormous benefit and be highly recommended, if you have a pinched nerve, just stretching on your own at home may not effectively address that issue.


"Another example: when I have a headache, I don’t immediately go to a neurologist. I might start with taking Ibuprofen, but there are some headaches that simple over-the-counter medication will not properly treat,” she explained.

Momoa's coloring book can be purchased here. He has yet to respond to the coloring book, but fans are ecstatic about being able to run their colored pencils all over his body. Jason Momoa is currently working on season 2 of his Apple TV+ series titled 'See.'

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