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Miley Cyrus at the 2018 Met Gala

Miley Cyrus' Nip Slip Deemed Inappropriate: 'Why Would You Post that?'

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images
By Rebecca Cukier

Miley Cyrus is facing some backlash for self-posting a very exposing photo of herself during NYFW. The "Mother's Daughter" singer made major headlines this week for her show-stopping appearance on the Marc Jacobs runway, then making more NSFW ones as she self-posted a wardrobe malfunction showing a significant amount of breast with a fully-exposed nipple.

Miley had herself predicted that Instagram might remove the image – it showed the 27-year-old exiting a venue while her black-and-white wrap crop top shifted to show her left breast.

"Swipe right. But hurry. Instagram will definitely be removing this post soon," the singer wrote.

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'Wtf U Do Realize U Have Young Fans'

Miley Cyrus in the street
Miley Cyrus/Instagram

For the most part, responses to Miley's post were positive. #FreeTheNipple appeared throughout the 29,000+ comments left, with the update itself also proving popular via its 2.9 million+ likes.

Not everyone was a fan, though.

"Wtf u do realise u have young fans," one user wrote.

"Why would you post that?" another asked.

Meanwhile, one user hoped that Instagram would remove the image, with their comment being a reply to Miley's caption.

"Hope so, No self respect at all. Ppl act like oh you such a legend.. No.😐," the fan wrote.

'EXTREMELY Inappropriate...Pls Stop Wearing Stuff Like That'

Miley Cyrus in lingerie
Miley Cyrus/Instagram

Remarks slamming the singer's nipple exposure may not have been the most popular, but they were multiple.

"That is EXTREMELY inappopriate! Pls stop wearing stuff like that. I'm not trying to be mean but I liked you more as a teen," one fan wrote.

"Why do you feel the need to post this?" another asked before saying that there's "nothing wrong" with a nipple – for this fan, though, Miley was "trying to create a reaction."

Following the wardrobe malfunction, Miley posted another topless shot of herself backstage – once again, the nipple made an appearance.

Issue Divides Fans, Some Defend Her


One user took the time to defend Miley with a lengthy reply.

"O she has plenty of self-respect. What she does not have is the burden of shame for her own body that society heaped on your shoulders, and that you seek to injure her with. Do not insult her for choosing to be open with her body. Respect her because this choice is HERS to make and HERS alone. She is not only a legendary accomplished singer, songwriter and actor, she is also a role model, and that is what really frightens you, yes? ..." they wrote.

Miley Says "T*ts Are Out," But The 'Sick' Voice Is What Matters

Miley Cyrus on stage
Gettyimages | Ethan Miller

Miley has addressed her raunchy side. A 2019 interview with Elle saw the singer state that she's happy with the status quo – mostly because the world now acknowledges her musical abilities.

"I think now I actually have the respect that I want. When I walk into a room, people may think, “Okay, she gets her t_ts out.” But they also think, “But she’s got a f_cking sick voice,” and that’s all I care about," she told the magazine.

Miley's social media remains sexual, but for many fans, the singer is an icon for feminine empowerment.

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