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Netflix's 'Love Is Blind' Doesn't Show Everything on Camera, Including Proposals

Unsplash | Shaira Dela Peña
By Megan Prevost

Netflix's new show Love is Blind features a cast of 15 men and 15 women, all single and looking to find the love of their lives.

This show is basically speed dating but way more intense because at the end of it you get married.

Love is Blind focuses on the emotional connection rather than the physical. Whenever two people go on a "date" they're in separate rooms with a frosted glass panel between them. That way, they can't see what the other person looks like.

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How Does it Work?

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Each couple seems to go on a date every day, meaning there are tons of dates taking place each day. Seriously, like 15 dates per person in a day? That sounds actually terrible.

These couples also have to decide if they want to get engaged or not before seeing each other. Once the proposal has occurred, they're allowed to see each other face to face.

In the first five episodes we get to see six of the couples become engaged. These six couples then set off on a vacation to Mexico. Except, now they're all hanging out together. Which is even more strange. Not only are you with your new fiancé, but all the people you chose not to marry.

Seems Confusing

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Netflix has been into experimenting recently, but Love is Blind seems to be in an entirely different ballpark.

Entertainment Weekly spoke with the creator Chris Coelen about how the series works and how it came to be.

When asked how the pods came to be, Chris Coelen answered,

"Every person wants to be who they are, right? No matter where you live or what your situation is. So, if you start with that and then you think about where we are as a society in terms of the way that people actually get together, and you think about the technology that’s supposed to enable us to do so…actually that technology — those dating apps — make a lot of people feel very disposable. It’s a very surface-level experience."

Not Everyone is Engaged

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When asked about how much the contestants knew going into the show, Coelen responded, "The truth is, for these people, when they walked in, they didn’t really know what they were walking into."

He continued to say,

"As a producer I was kind of nervous like, is anybody actually gonna get engaged? Is anyone going to make it to the altar? And, in the end, we actually had more couples get engaged than we were able to follow on the show."

What About the Non-Engaged People?

Gettyimages | Delmaine Donson

Coelen revealed that eight couples in total were engaged in the show. However, the show is only able to follow six of those couples.

When asked about how the pods and dating worked, Coelen described it as speed dating, and went into more detail to say,

"We rotated people through and they got a chance to talk to everybody. As the process went along, they did exactly what it is that you’re describing, which is somebody said, ‘I really liked this one.’ If someone said, ‘I just don’t want to talk to that other person anymore,’ we would never force anyone to talk to someone they didn’t want to talk to, no matter how insistent the other person was. It had to work for both people."

While the premise is kind of confusing, the couples are incredibly dramatic and fun to watch on air. You can stream the first five episodes right now on Netflix.

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