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David Schwimmer Expertly Avoids Questions About Potential 'Friends' Reunion

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By Megan Prevost

Rumors of a Friends reunion show have been in the air for almost a decade at this point. There's always someone saying the show's getting back together, only for it to fall apart at the very last minute.

However, this time the rumors seem to be a little more accurate and true.

Both Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry recently joined Instagram. Aniston posted a picture of the entire cast having dinner together, and Perry tweeted about upcoming big news. That must mean something is in the works, right?

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Reunion or Not?

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The fan base has been wanting a reunion show ever since the show went off the air, but the pieces never exactly came together.

David Schwimmer appeared on BBC's "The One" recently, and the hosts had all kinds of questions about the rumors. The cast has gotten pretty good at dodging these kinds of questions, but this time there was proof that couldn't be ignored.

The host brought up the evidence of Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry both joining instagram, along with her post of the full cast, and his post of "big news."

Crisis Averted


Schwimmer got cheeky with his replies, stating in the interview that, "I think, I think he's pregnant," when asked about what Matthew Perry's big news might be.

The host also confronted Schwimmer with the fact that there have been reports that the cast has agreed to do a reunion show at HBO.

However, Schwimmer stated that he could neither confirm nor deny these claims. In response he said, "This is the first time I've heard any kind of tabloid reporting of a 'Friends' reunion. First of all, I'm so glad I finally get to answer this question."

Matthew Perry is Definitely Pregnant

Giphy | Friends

Schwimmer continued with, "I really wish I could confirm or deny. There's nothing official to report, unfortunately."

He then added, "I can say that maybe Matthew Perry is pregnant," not letting that joke die.

However, it was a little suspicious that he couldn't confirm or deny the reports or the news. If he truly knew nothing, wouldn't he be able to deny it?

We can only hope that the cast really is up to something in the future, as we'd all love to see them return to the small screen.

Something New?

Gettyimages | LEE CELANO

The Hollywood Reporter shared that a different kind of special is in the works over at HBO. Rather than a reunion, it seems like the full cast (along with the creators of Friends David Crane and Marta Kauffman) are working on an unscripted special of some kind.

Jennifer Aniston also revealed on The Ellen DeGeneres show that the cast has been working on something other than a reboot.

We'll just have to wait and see what happens, but hopefully, there's more news on the matter soon.

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