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Will Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Attend One of Kanye's Sunday Services?

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By Natalie Hunter

Kanye West wants Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to be the next A-Listers to step into the "House of Yeezy." According to Perez Hilton, Kanye is hopeful that the royal couple will pay a visit now that they are splitting their time between North America and England. Kayne deep-dived into religion fairly recently. He released his gospel album 'Jesus is King' last year which created mixed reactions within the Christian community. From there he started holding weekly Sunday Services.

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While the Sunday Services were meant to be a two week special, Kanye has managed to stretch it into a nonstop weekly phenomenon. He also plans on to go on tour with Joel Osteen this year into next. Kanye is hoping that Meghan and Harry will up those ticket sales as well as promote the Sunday Services.

“This would be a huge breakthrough for Kanye, who wants his Sunday Service to be the most powerful spiritual force in the world within a few years,” a source told Radar Online.

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Kanye has already impressively managed to get celebrities like Brad Pitt and A$AP Rocky to come through to Sunday Service, but he refuses to stop there.

“He’s already gotten Brad Pitt and many other A-listers involved, but having Meghan and Harry on board will open it up to a whole new global level. He’s had word that they both love what he’s doing and are excited to be invited — even if it does give the royals an even bigger shock of their lives!” the source added.


While Meghan was baptized before marrying into the Royal family and nothing is impossible for Meghan and Harry at this rate, the formerly Royal couple has important matters to tend to before they can accept Kanye's invitation. Meghan and Harry a preparing for a trip back to the UK to handle logistical matters with the Queen and the rest of the Royal family. Additionally, Meghan and Harry in the process of buying their own places in Canada and Los Angeles.


Additionally, Meghan is currently involved with another organization that has a cult like following. Meghan recently struck a voiceover deal with Disney that was likely initiated during the premiere of the live action 'Lion King' premiere. She agreed to do voiceover work for them if they would support a charity that means a lot to her that's called Elephants Without Borders. Looks like Kanye will have to try a little harder if he wants to catch Harry and Meghan's attention.

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