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Megan Thee Stallion Explains the Backstory About Her 2015 Mugshot and It's Hilarious!

Gettyimages | Erik Voake
By Imani Ford

When Megan Thee Stallion's mugshot started to trend, fans immediately wanted to know what happened. This popular rapper who coined 'Hot Girl Summer' quickly came to social media to explain the image. What makes people so interested in the backstory is because her hair is disheveled and she looks pissed. What makes it more surprising is that fans didn't have a clue of her past arrest. Thankfully, Megan is a great storyteller, so her video was hilarious from the beginning to the end.

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A Beautiful Toxic Relationship

Gettyimages | Rich Fury

Megan Thee Stallion opens the video laughing at how ugly she thinks her mugshot is. She explains that when she was 19 or 20, she was in a 'beautiful toxic' relationship. While giggling, she tells people that the incident involved her then-boyfriend. At a concert, she finds out that her boyfriend had a secret baby that was almost a year old. He starts typing fast and this causes Megan to question who he's texting. She assumes that he was tired of lying, so he shows her his text messages.

You Got a Baby?

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After reading the messages, she discovers that his baby's mother was upset that he wasn't taking care of his child. Megan then starts questioning her ex-boyfriend. "You got a baby," Megan asks. Once he confirmed that he did, she tried to walk away. He begins pushing and pulling on her. In the video story, she gives fans a disclaimer that she does not condone anyone putting their hands on anyone. When she's still trying to walk away, he grabs her phone. He proceeds to throw it on the ground and stomps it.

Megan Got Fed Up

Gettyimages | Taylor Hill

Now without her phone, she can't call anyone. A bystander sees them fighting, and calls the police. Now, they're in the middle of the street and she's getting fed up with him pushing her. Megan then decides to fight back. Once she starts fighting back, that's when the police arrive. The police jump out of the car and now it seems like she's the aggressor. They start to question her and she explains that she just found out that he had a baby on her. When the police ask her if he hit her, she says no. When the police officers ask him if Megan had hit him, he says yes.

Exaggerating Ex

Gettyimages | Bennett Raglin

Her ex-boyfriend starts to exaggerate and say that Megan hit him in the eye. The officers cuffed her and put her in the squad car. She explains that the car smelled like pee. "I ain't never been cuffed in my life" Megan explains. While in the car, she starts thinking about what to do next. She knows she has to call her mom but she knows her mom will be upset that she's going to jail over a guy. I knew that Megan was an amazing rapper but now she can add an amazing storyteller to her resume too.

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