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David Eason and Jenelle Evans

Did Jenelle Evans Move Back to 'The Land?'

Gettyimages | Bruce Glikas
By A. Elise

Teen Mom 2 viewers would not be surprised to see that Jenelle Evans is back with David Eason at this point. In fact, there is significant portion of the fanbase that believes Jenelle and David never actually separated in the first place.

Most recently, it looks like David and Jenelle have been shacking up again, meaning the breakup certainly did not last very long. After the couple shared the weekend together last week, would anybody be surprised to find that the couple is at it again? Speculation says that Jenelle may even be living on The Land again.

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Jenelle Evans and Barbara Evans
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TMZ is now reporting that Jenelle and David are actually living together again. In fact, they have apparently been living together off and on for a while.

The couple has been controversial in recent weeks, especially since Jenelle dropped her restraining order against him after their October split. Apparently Jenelle has been returning to the home they own in North Carolina occasionally to try to work on their relationship. It seems like they are taking things slowly for now and have been benefiting from time apart.


Things changed this week. While Jenelle has been living in Nashville and making lifestyle changes, apparently she's willing to forgive the disaster that has been the last year. Before Jenelle left David, he'd abused and killed her dog. Then, the couple had their children taken away as part of an investigation into abuse in the home. Eventually, the children were returned. Jenelle also lost her job on MTV's Teen Mom 2, and she's been using social media websites like YouTube to change her reputation.

Now that Jenelle may have moved back to North Carolina, it looks like all that work on her reputation may have been fruitless.

Jenelle Evans
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One thing that is driving fans crazy is the fact that the couple also seems to have new pets. After David killed dog Nugget and Jenelle was seen in an episode of Teen Mom 2 letting her boyfriend's dog run away after trying to crate two large dogs together, few people believe the two should give pet ownership another chance.

Recent videos emerged showing Jenelle and David with a goat. The goat seemingly lives on the couple's North Carolina property. The cruel displays of pet ownership in the past make fans skeptical if the two should even be allowed to take on more animals.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason
Gettyimages | Bruce Glikas

As of now, Jenelle has not admitted to living on The Land again. Instead, she has made statements on Twitter that nobody really knows what is happening in her life.

The former teen mom also made a video in which she addressed the rumors after last weekend. Jenelle claims that nobody slept in her bed that night and that she and David just wanted a night out. Until Jenelle makes a statement that she and David are back together, followers can only piece together clues (and there seem to be many).

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